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My name is Gabbi Hall and I am a senior at Saint Michael's College in Vermont. I am originally from the west coast, California to be specific. My family lives in lovely Lake Tahoe, but for the past two summers I have lived in Los Angeles working as an intern. As for on campus...

I am the Online Media and Communications Coordinator for the Founder’s Society, an Alto 2 in the Aca-bellas, the Multimedia Editor for the Defender, the VP of Business for Her Campus - SMCVT, and  a tour guide.  Oh, I also do this thing called ‘studying,’ on occasion. My major is formally called ‘Digital Arts, Journalism, and Media Studies.’ I came into the program as a first-year thinking that I wanted to go into broadcast journalism. However, 4 years later I find that my interests have changed a bit and now I think PR and marketing are more my thing. Of course, I will never say never to a job on television.

I hope you enjoy learning about my life as a college student, intern, and young adult. Feel free to contact me by email: ghall@mail.smcvt.edu or ask questions anonymously: Formspring or Vyou!


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