Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hired in #HigherEd!

If you aren't friends with me on Facebook, you don't follow me on Twitter and we aren't connected on LinkedIn, then I have some awesome news!

Yesterday, I accepted a job as the Social Media Coordinator for Southern New Hampshire University!

My responsibilities will include:

  • Responsible for day-to-day execution of SNHU’s social media presence across a variety of social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.
  • Monitor multiple social media platforms on an ongoing basis.
  • Working in conjunction with SNHU’s Content Director, curate a social media
    content calendar.
  • Produce, post and publish blog content in support of in-bound marketing
  • Support the curation of a detailed monthly social media report highlighting
    ROI related to branding, customer service, and lead generation.
  • Provide training and assistance to various internal stakeholders on how to
    leverage social media to meet and exceed divisional goals.
  • Monitor trends and applications in social media tools and appropriately apply that knowledge to increase the use of social media at SNHU. 

Want to know how I got the job?

Social media. (I know. I know. "Typical Gabbi.")

My future boss, Seth ODell, and I had been Twitter acquaintances since I started tuning into HigherEd Live my freshman year. When I saw that he tweeted about an open position in March, I direct messaged him asking for more details. It was sort of on a whim. I didn't necessarily think they would want someone fresh out of college. 

Within two weeks of submitting my resume, I had a phone interview. In mid-April, I drove down to Manchester for an in-person interview. Two hours after they interview as I was pulling back into St. Mike's, I got the off-the-record offer.

Yesterday, I accepted. I said from the get-go that I'd go anywhere for the right job, so I'm headed to Manchester because this is it. 

(Tip to high schoolers/college students: When career counselors say that networking is the way to a job, they aren't lying! It really does work.)

Watch out, New England! You'll have to put up with my for a few more years. :)


PS: I was also in the Talent Show last weekend. It's a grainy iPhone video, but I'll post it in case you're interested! It's a mash-up of Toxic, Sweet Nothing, Radioactive and Can't Hold Us.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The first #accepted2smcvt day as told by social media

Make sure to use the hashtag for the April 20th day as well! I will be monitoring it all day for questions as well as posting schedule updates. What will you share? 

PS. If you want to see all the social media posts, visit the TagBoard for the event.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Did you know I'm now a "Public Figure" on Facebook?

Now you do!

Gabbi Hall

It's true! I created a Facebook fan page. Now, I feel the need to tell you that it wasn't for egotistical reasons. I'm taking Social Media Practice and Theory right now and as part of the class we had to create personal brand pages.

I am currently undecided as to whether or not I will continue to use the page or delete it after the class. Before this assignment I was using the "follow" option on Facebook, which allows people to follow only your public posts. You can keep all your privacy settings and decide exactly what people can see.

My latest posts are my new pieces for the Defender. Make sure to visit my page to watch them. One is about the women's rugby team. The other is an interview with Mission South, a band that played at Turtle Underground.

I'll also be sharing posts from my other blog, Keys to Communication. With so much to see, why not "like" my page? (I also solemnly swear that I will not spam you. I will only share the good stuff.)


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How My "Weirdness" Has Helped Me

I was in ballet class, joking around with some of my classmates, when my first-year friend, Alexi, says, "Seniors are weird."

My senior friend, Sarah, says, "I'm not."

I say, "Well, I am."

What prompted this brief interaction? It had something to do with me and my need to sing "Rock Your Body" by Justin Timberlake when the professor told us NOT to rock our bodies during chasses. In case you didn't know, I have a song for everything. Alexi observed that most of them are from the early 2000's, or as I call it, P.B. (Pre-Beiber). Additionally, my friend, Kerri, and I quote Forgetting Sarah Marshall a ton during class. We are particularly fond of the surf lesson scene. "Do less" is our line of choice during pliés

Okay, so I am a little weird. I wish my life was a musical; I'm mildly obsessed with my iPhone; Sometime in the past 4 years my friends decided I was their fashion consultant, so now I think I'm Stacy from What Not to Wear; and I eat avocados right out of the peel with a spoon.

I would argue that all of this "weirdness" has made me successful in college. It doesn't mean that I am every body loves me and my "weirdness," but I think I have made better friends because I am open about all my quirks. In that sense, my success has coming in finding life-long friends.

My second type of success from "weirdness" comes from type-A personality. Now, you're probably thinking that being a type-A personality can only help me. (For those of you who don't know, a "type-A" person is someone who is overachieving with very high standards and goals.) My personality can be somewhat alienating. Sometimes you get called things like "Teacher's  Pet." I've been that my whole life. I'm not going to apologize for wanting to be successful and working hard. That's ridiculous.  Even though some of my peers may be miffed at me for it, it's been hugely helpful to me in my St. Mike's. Professors wants to help students who want to succeed. They will stick their neck out for you. It's also been incredibly helpful in terms of clubs like the Founder's Society. As a first-year and sophomore, I was an overly-ambitious blogger, who wanted a ton of views on her blog. That ambition got me the Online Media and Communications Coordinator position. 

While this post may seem like a short rambling based on an insignificant moment, I hope that it encourages you to embrace your "weirdness" whatever it may be.


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