Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Freelance Media Producer" - My Newest LinkedIn "Experience"

Long story short: I worked at the Burlington Free Press on Town Meeting Day and I am covering the NCAA National Ski Championships for Alpine Press. Therefore, I recently added a new "Experience" heading to my LinkedIn profile.

Photo by Liz Murray
That is my journalism game face.
Now for the fun details: Recently some awesome opportunities have come my way. The Burlington Free Press needed help acquiring the voting numbers after local towns closed their polls on Town Meeting Day. Liz Murray and I hung at out at the BFP office just off of Church St. with Paul, the Defender's executive editor who is an intern there, and Professor Mindich's daughter, who doesn't go to St. Mike's, but was home from college on spring break.

We each sat at desks by the phones. As town clerk's called in, they'd be directed to us and we'd write down all the information such as what budgets passed as well any amendments that were voted on.

Most of the night was pretty slow, but it was my first time in a real news room. It was very interesting to hear the reporters doing phone interviews and talking about paper layout and design.

After hanging out there until 11 pm, I went back to campus and slept until 5 am. At 5 am, I got up and ready. Where was I going, you ask?

Middlebury Ski Bowl for NCAA National Ski Championships!

After covering the Middlebury Carnival for Alpine Press, Christine Feehan asked me to help her out with coverage of nationals. I was flattered to say the least. I think it's safe to say that I did good work the first time.

Feeling official! 
For championships, I had to apply for media credentials and I got them. I spent the first run on the hill, taking photos. (You can view them here: NCAA National Championships 2013 - Giant Slalom) For the second run, I hung out at the bottom of the course snapping pictures of athletes coming into the finish. Athletes always have great emotions in the finish, so I like to snap close-ups.

It's also important to be at the bottom in order to get access to the top athletes for interviews. In fact, one of the most interesting parts of today was listening to other journalists ask question. They think differently than I do about what topics to cover and it has a lot of great lessons for me.

Following these experiences, I have added "Freelance Media Producer" to my LinkedIn profile. For a a little bit, I thought I'd simply put "Freelance Journalist," but it didn't seem inclusive enough considering I go take photo and videos as well.

I'm going to be covering Friday's slalom race at nationals as well, so I'm not done yet. When my articles go up, I'll be tweeting the link, so be sure to follow me: @Hall_Gabbi.

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