Monday, February 25, 2013

@EISAskiing/NCAA East Championship: My Final Ski Race

From L to R: Assistant Coach Nick Stagers,
Head Coach Gus Macleod, Christina Billotti, and I after
our final race.
This weekend, Bates College played host to the NCAA East Ski Championships at Sunday River, ME.  Championships are always a lot of fun, but this year was special for me because it was my last carnival ever. That's right. I am officially retired and a NARP (Non-athletic regular person).

I spent most of the weekend soaking in all the "lasts." I consciously thought things like:

"This is the last ski I'll ever HAVE to scrape."

"This is the last time I'll wear this Purple Knight speed suit."

"This is the last time I'll be a collegiate skier."

Some lasts are harder than others. Skiing my final giant slalom race on Friday was really sad. It wasn't cry-my-eyes-out sad like I expected, but I did I have the realization that I was definitely going to miss ripping down a GS course and knocking down panels. Below is a video edit done by the SMC Athletics department which shows one of my last GS runs.

While in Sunday River, I took the opportunity to combine my love of photography and skiing as I did so often last year and snapped a ton of photos. Below you can click through the photos of the weekend, which include actions shots and scene-setting shots. I didn't just focus on the Purple Knights as there are photos of racers from several schools on the circuit.

Before I go and get ready for class, I wanted to share with you the social media surrounding my retirement. Some of them are my tweets and some are tweets of congratulations from others. I really did appreciate them and I clearly have some amazing friends and community.

Be sure to look for my upcoming post "Retirement: An Inside Look at NARP-hood," all about how I am surviving with all of my free time. It should be pretty interesting! Have a great week everyone! xoxo Gabbi

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