Monday, January 28, 2013

Juggling Multiple Responsibilities and Goals: Marketing/PR vs. Journalism

"College is easy," said no one ever.

Now, try combining classes, clubs and sports. College is anything, but easy.

In case you haven't heard, here are the things I am involved with on campus:

  1. Varsity Alpine Ski Team
  2. The Defender (Campus Newspaper)
  3. Her Campus SMCVT
  4. SMC Blogs/ Tour Guide
  5. Acabellas
My Tour Guide Bio
You can see that these various activities have different goals. As a member of the SMC Blogs team, the goal is to help prospective students and families to learn about life at St. Mike's. The same goes for my position as a tour guide. As a member of the Defender staff, I am dedicated to covering campus news, events, and sports. I am also dedicated to doing it in a way that seeks the truth behind a story and doesn't give a public relations spin. However, above all else, I identify as a student-athlete.

My Athlete Bio
One of the toughest jobs I have is balancing these goals. I'm currently pursuing a story that displays an athletic team in a less-then-flattering light. It's a prime example of the juggling act I am currently performing. I have found that despite my love of marketing and public relations, I am more interested in writing a truthful and interesting story for the paper that is going to create conversation. I also think that it is commendable to tell people the best available version of the truth. That is what the news is, according to several of my professors. It is also our job to tell the stories that will not be in the press releases put out by the school. I also struggle with my position as a writer and my commitment to being a student-athlete. I have loved being a student-athlete and would never want anyone there to think I am attacking them while I pursue a story and request interviews. 

Like I've said, I'm juggling a lot of rolls and commitments. I write this blog post not to discourage from getting involved with as many clubs and activities as possible, but to prepare you for the fact that you may also walk the line. 

My SMC Blogs Bio
Note that the criss-crossing of commitments can also lead to advantages. Without my position as a student-athlete, there are a lot of interviews that wouldn't have been granted and maybe even answers I wouldn't have received. The programs I'm involved in have helped me build relationships.

The bottom line is: The challenges of college don't always just involve time management, home sickness, and studying. Sometimes college challenges the way you think, act and think about yourself and those can be the hardest of them all.

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