Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Change of Location: Follow me on "Keys to Communication"

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I am now transferring my blogging efforts over to "Keys to Communication," a WordPress blog that will focus on my life post-graduation as well as my observations and ideas about communication.

But before you go, watch my interview with HigherEd Live about my transition from student ambassador to full-time higher education employee!

See you at my new location!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Post-Grad Life: Week 1 (Hint: It's pretty great.)

As a senior in college, you experience a mix of feelings pertaining to the "real world."

Will I make it?
What will I do with my time?
Will I make friends?

Now that I'm in the "real world," I can tell you that post-grad life is awesome. I've done a lot of this:

Sitting on the beach...

...Reading on the beach....

...Cycling with my dad....

... and hanging out at the oldest bar in NV.
I have to admit that while its great to be back home, I am anxiously waiting to move into a studio apartment in Manchester. I'm excited to start work. (I'm rather lost if I don't have responsibilities.) I'm also thinking about starting CrossFit. There is a gym within walking distance of the apartments I am looking at and I could go in the morning before work.

So, I just wanted to let you know that post-grad life is pretty cool.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Buy My Book: It Takes a Village is now available in paperback!

I've told you for months about the book that Liz Murray and I were writing for our senior seminar project. I'm thrilled to announce...

It can be purchased via Lulu for $8. Any profits will go towards helping Liz Murray (my co-author) and I get started in our post-graduation lives. I will be working as the social media coordinator for Southern New Hampshire University and Liz plans to continue working as a journalist either in Burlington, Vt. or Boston, Mass. It’s going to be a new adventure for both of us!

Please feel free to contact me via email ( or Twitter if you have any questions!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us with this project!


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hired in #HigherEd!

If you aren't friends with me on Facebook, you don't follow me on Twitter and we aren't connected on LinkedIn, then I have some awesome news!

Yesterday, I accepted a job as the Social Media Coordinator for Southern New Hampshire University!

My responsibilities will include:

  • Responsible for day-to-day execution of SNHU’s social media presence across a variety of social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.
  • Monitor multiple social media platforms on an ongoing basis.
  • Working in conjunction with SNHU’s Content Director, curate a social media
    content calendar.
  • Produce, post and publish blog content in support of in-bound marketing
  • Support the curation of a detailed monthly social media report highlighting
    ROI related to branding, customer service, and lead generation.
  • Provide training and assistance to various internal stakeholders on how to
    leverage social media to meet and exceed divisional goals.
  • Monitor trends and applications in social media tools and appropriately apply that knowledge to increase the use of social media at SNHU. 

Want to know how I got the job?

Social media. (I know. I know. "Typical Gabbi.")

My future boss, Seth ODell, and I had been Twitter acquaintances since I started tuning into HigherEd Live my freshman year. When I saw that he tweeted about an open position in March, I direct messaged him asking for more details. It was sort of on a whim. I didn't necessarily think they would want someone fresh out of college. 

Within two weeks of submitting my resume, I had a phone interview. In mid-April, I drove down to Manchester for an in-person interview. Two hours after they interview as I was pulling back into St. Mike's, I got the off-the-record offer.

Yesterday, I accepted. I said from the get-go that I'd go anywhere for the right job, so I'm headed to Manchester because this is it. 

(Tip to high schoolers/college students: When career counselors say that networking is the way to a job, they aren't lying! It really does work.)

Watch out, New England! You'll have to put up with my for a few more years. :)


PS: I was also in the Talent Show last weekend. It's a grainy iPhone video, but I'll post it in case you're interested! It's a mash-up of Toxic, Sweet Nothing, Radioactive and Can't Hold Us.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The first #accepted2smcvt day as told by social media

Make sure to use the hashtag for the April 20th day as well! I will be monitoring it all day for questions as well as posting schedule updates. What will you share? 

PS. If you want to see all the social media posts, visit the TagBoard for the event.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Did you know I'm now a "Public Figure" on Facebook?

Now you do!

Gabbi Hall

It's true! I created a Facebook fan page. Now, I feel the need to tell you that it wasn't for egotistical reasons. I'm taking Social Media Practice and Theory right now and as part of the class we had to create personal brand pages.

I am currently undecided as to whether or not I will continue to use the page or delete it after the class. Before this assignment I was using the "follow" option on Facebook, which allows people to follow only your public posts. You can keep all your privacy settings and decide exactly what people can see.

My latest posts are my new pieces for the Defender. Make sure to visit my page to watch them. One is about the women's rugby team. The other is an interview with Mission South, a band that played at Turtle Underground.

I'll also be sharing posts from my other blog, Keys to Communication. With so much to see, why not "like" my page? (I also solemnly swear that I will not spam you. I will only share the good stuff.)


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How My "Weirdness" Has Helped Me

I was in ballet class, joking around with some of my classmates, when my first-year friend, Alexi, says, "Seniors are weird."

My senior friend, Sarah, says, "I'm not."

I say, "Well, I am."

What prompted this brief interaction? It had something to do with me and my need to sing "Rock Your Body" by Justin Timberlake when the professor told us NOT to rock our bodies during chasses. In case you didn't know, I have a song for everything. Alexi observed that most of them are from the early 2000's, or as I call it, P.B. (Pre-Beiber). Additionally, my friend, Kerri, and I quote Forgetting Sarah Marshall a ton during class. We are particularly fond of the surf lesson scene. "Do less" is our line of choice during pliés

Okay, so I am a little weird. I wish my life was a musical; I'm mildly obsessed with my iPhone; Sometime in the past 4 years my friends decided I was their fashion consultant, so now I think I'm Stacy from What Not to Wear; and I eat avocados right out of the peel with a spoon.

I would argue that all of this "weirdness" has made me successful in college. It doesn't mean that I am every body loves me and my "weirdness," but I think I have made better friends because I am open about all my quirks. In that sense, my success has coming in finding life-long friends.

My second type of success from "weirdness" comes from type-A personality. Now, you're probably thinking that being a type-A personality can only help me. (For those of you who don't know, a "type-A" person is someone who is overachieving with very high standards and goals.) My personality can be somewhat alienating. Sometimes you get called things like "Teacher's  Pet." I've been that my whole life. I'm not going to apologize for wanting to be successful and working hard. That's ridiculous.  Even though some of my peers may be miffed at me for it, it's been hugely helpful to me in my St. Mike's. Professors wants to help students who want to succeed. They will stick their neck out for you. It's also been incredibly helpful in terms of clubs like the Founder's Society. As a first-year and sophomore, I was an overly-ambitious blogger, who wanted a ton of views on her blog. That ambition got me the Online Media and Communications Coordinator position. 

While this post may seem like a short rambling based on an insignificant moment, I hope that it encourages you to embrace your "weirdness" whatever it may be.


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cooking in College: Easter Brunch

Because St. Mike's is a Catholic college, we have the luxury of a 4-day weekend to celebrate the Easter Holiday. This year was the first year that I stayed on campus for the holiday. (In past years, I've been in Quebec City, Florida and Plymouth, Mass.) Lucky for me, many of my friends stayed, too. Therefore, we decided to celebrate Easter in our own way by making Easter brunch in a townhouse and watching Hot Rod.

I played chef and created a meal of Eggs Benedict and hash browns. To make breakfast for 6 girls, I needed to cook 12 eggs, cook bacon, toast English muffins and grill onions. My big struggle is always timing when I cook. How do I make everything come out hot at the same time?

My masterpiece.
My big trick this morning was cooking eggs in a cupcake tin. (Thank you, Pinterest!) I cracked on egg in each cupcake mold and pre-heated the oven to 350 degrees. Once the oven was ready I placed the eggs in the oven while I started the bacon on the stove top. The blog post says that it takes about 10 minutes to cook. To be honest, I just eye-balled it, but they turned out great. It also meant that everyone could eat at the same time and not as the eggs came out.

Now, back to the bacon. The Canadian bacon traditionally on Eggs Benedict is a little pricey, so I went with maple bacon, which not only tastes delicious, but smells awesome while your cooking it. You know what else smells delicious? Grilling onions. I put grilled onions on everything and it turns out my friends are also fans.

Lastly, I made Hollandaise sauce. It was the first time I've done that. I didn't make it from scratch, so I used Knorr mix which only requires butter and milk. It's not quite the same as the real thing, but, for an inexpensive make-shift college brunch, it was REALLY tasty.

Perhaps the best part of all this? The ingredients only cost me about $20 total. Between 6 girls, it was an inexpensive way to enjoy the holiday.

Next up for me? Turning in my book on Wednesday! I promise to blog more about it soon. Happy Easter and (slightly early) April!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Twitter Tour of @SaintMichaels

Good afternoon, everyone!

This week, I have taken over the @ThisisVT account. Today, I took the state of VT on a tour of campus using Twitter.  The Storify below is a compilation of tweets from the tour. I figured that anyone interested in St. Mike's would like to see campus in an easy slideshow! 

Also, just so you know, Formspring, my go-to Q & A platform, is shutting down, so that will no longer be a location to ask questions. Please use my VYou account for any questions you have!


Monday, March 11, 2013

A Hard-Working Start to Spring Break 2013

The best way to tell you about my weekend is to show you.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Freelance Media Producer" - My Newest LinkedIn "Experience"

Long story short: I worked at the Burlington Free Press on Town Meeting Day and I am covering the NCAA National Ski Championships for Alpine Press. Therefore, I recently added a new "Experience" heading to my LinkedIn profile.

Photo by Liz Murray
That is my journalism game face.
Now for the fun details: Recently some awesome opportunities have come my way. The Burlington Free Press needed help acquiring the voting numbers after local towns closed their polls on Town Meeting Day. Liz Murray and I hung at out at the BFP office just off of Church St. with Paul, the Defender's executive editor who is an intern there, and Professor Mindich's daughter, who doesn't go to St. Mike's, but was home from college on spring break.

We each sat at desks by the phones. As town clerk's called in, they'd be directed to us and we'd write down all the information such as what budgets passed as well any amendments that were voted on.

Most of the night was pretty slow, but it was my first time in a real news room. It was very interesting to hear the reporters doing phone interviews and talking about paper layout and design.

After hanging out there until 11 pm, I went back to campus and slept until 5 am. At 5 am, I got up and ready. Where was I going, you ask?

Middlebury Ski Bowl for NCAA National Ski Championships!

After covering the Middlebury Carnival for Alpine Press, Christine Feehan asked me to help her out with coverage of nationals. I was flattered to say the least. I think it's safe to say that I did good work the first time.

Feeling official! 
For championships, I had to apply for media credentials and I got them. I spent the first run on the hill, taking photos. (You can view them here: NCAA National Championships 2013 - Giant Slalom) For the second run, I hung out at the bottom of the course snapping pictures of athletes coming into the finish. Athletes always have great emotions in the finish, so I like to snap close-ups.

It's also important to be at the bottom in order to get access to the top athletes for interviews. In fact, one of the most interesting parts of today was listening to other journalists ask question. They think differently than I do about what topics to cover and it has a lot of great lessons for me.

Following these experiences, I have added "Freelance Media Producer" to my LinkedIn profile. For a a little bit, I thought I'd simply put "Freelance Journalist," but it didn't seem inclusive enough considering I go take photo and videos as well.

I'm going to be covering Friday's slalom race at nationals as well, so I'm not done yet. When my articles go up, I'll be tweeting the link, so be sure to follow me: @Hall_Gabbi.

Have questions? Ask me on VYou!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Doors Open and Close: A State of Affairs

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.' We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
- Marianna Williamson

You may be wondering why I started this post with a long inspirational quote. Too be honest, I was going to use one that is super cliched: When door closes, another opens. Instead I reference it in my title and give you the quote which I have tried to keep in mind since I discovered it in the 8th grade. 

Everyone wants to blend. People don't want to make mistakes or be weird. I can't sit here and tell you that I haven't done my fair share of blending. That being said I think there is something to be said for a fear of greatness. Greatness means putting yourself out there and risking failure. I figure if you put yourself out there enough times something is bound to stick.

In December, I applied for the Global Academic Fellowship in Writing with the New York University campus in Abu Dhabi. This morning I found out I wasn't short-listed, which was a nice way of them to tell me that I didn't get the position. I'm not devastated and it wasn't my only post-graduation option, but I did really want to go abroad for the year. I could really use a change of pace. While that door has closed, I have to believe that post-graduation options are going to reveal themselves over the next few weeks.

As you are also aware, Saturday marked my retirement from ski racing. It means no more speed suits, inspections or waxing skis. That door closed, but another opportunity in the industry has opened. I have been asked to assist in covering NCAA Nationals hosted by Middlebury College next week. The publication is called "Alpine Press" and I have already written two freelance pieces for them:

Dartmouth Grabs Cats by the Tail at Middlebury Carnival 

Today I put in my request for a press pass at NCAA Nationals and I am anxiously awaiting an approval email! There is my new open door: freelance journalism. If it helps me stay involved in ski racing, I am totally into it.

I just wanted to give you guys a state of my current affairs in terms of possible post-graduation plans and let you know that while a lot of my life is 'licious, it's not perfect. Have questions? Here are options for asking and contacting me: EMAIL and VYOU.


Monday, February 25, 2013

@EISAskiing/NCAA East Championship: My Final Ski Race

From L to R: Assistant Coach Nick Stagers,
Head Coach Gus Macleod, Christina Billotti, and I after
our final race.
This weekend, Bates College played host to the NCAA East Ski Championships at Sunday River, ME.  Championships are always a lot of fun, but this year was special for me because it was my last carnival ever. That's right. I am officially retired and a NARP (Non-athletic regular person).

I spent most of the weekend soaking in all the "lasts." I consciously thought things like:

"This is the last ski I'll ever HAVE to scrape."

"This is the last time I'll wear this Purple Knight speed suit."

"This is the last time I'll be a collegiate skier."

Some lasts are harder than others. Skiing my final giant slalom race on Friday was really sad. It wasn't cry-my-eyes-out sad like I expected, but I did I have the realization that I was definitely going to miss ripping down a GS course and knocking down panels. Below is a video edit done by the SMC Athletics department which shows one of my last GS runs.

While in Sunday River, I took the opportunity to combine my love of photography and skiing as I did so often last year and snapped a ton of photos. Below you can click through the photos of the weekend, which include actions shots and scene-setting shots. I didn't just focus on the Purple Knights as there are photos of racers from several schools on the circuit.

Before I go and get ready for class, I wanted to share with you the social media surrounding my retirement. Some of them are my tweets and some are tweets of congratulations from others. I really did appreciate them and I clearly have some amazing friends and community.

Be sure to look for my upcoming post "Retirement: An Inside Look at NARP-hood," all about how I am surviving with all of my free time. It should be pretty interesting! Have a great week everyone! xoxo Gabbi

Monday, February 18, 2013

Being an Editor for the @SMC_Defender - A Vlog with @LizMurraySMC

Good evening, everyone! 

Tonight I bring you a bit of entertainment infused with information. Liz and I are both SMC Bloggers and editors for the Defender.  Instead of writing about being writers and editors, we decided to vlog about it. I also needed to show Liz the wonders of vlogging and what better way to do it than to talk about what is like to work for the paper?

We may come off as a little kooky, but it's only because we have spent so much time working together over the past few years and think we are absolutely hysterical. 


Liz's Twitter: @LizMurraySMC
Also follow: #quotesfromgabbisego

The Defender Facebook:
The Defender Twitter: @SMC_Defender
Online edition:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tips for Surviving and Thriving Your Senior Year

It has been a while since I did a vlog (video blog) and decided that instead of just telling you about my life as a student, I'd tell you four things that can make your senior year of college great or, at least, easier to survive! 

Twitter: @Hall_Gabbi
Google+: +Gabbi Hall

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Behind the Scenes of 'Ruthless' - A Multimedia for the @SMC_Defender

Dear loyal and amazing blog readers,
       I apologize for the short absence. These past few weeks have been chaotic between Defender, Senior Seminar and skiing. I promise that I do have something to show for all my time away from The 'Licious Life. 

       Behold my first multimedia of the semester, "Behind the Scenes of 'Ruthless.'" I took a look at the production of a new school musical put on by the drama department. I'd love to hear your feedback on the piece. Also, let me know what you want covered in future Defender pieces. 

    Now, it's time for Social Media Practice and Theory. I promise that a more extensive post is coming soon!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Juggling Multiple Responsibilities and Goals: Marketing/PR vs. Journalism

"College is easy," said no one ever.

Now, try combining classes, clubs and sports. College is anything, but easy.

In case you haven't heard, here are the things I am involved with on campus:

  1. Varsity Alpine Ski Team
  2. The Defender (Campus Newspaper)
  3. Her Campus SMCVT
  4. SMC Blogs/ Tour Guide
  5. Acabellas
My Tour Guide Bio
You can see that these various activities have different goals. As a member of the SMC Blogs team, the goal is to help prospective students and families to learn about life at St. Mike's. The same goes for my position as a tour guide. As a member of the Defender staff, I am dedicated to covering campus news, events, and sports. I am also dedicated to doing it in a way that seeks the truth behind a story and doesn't give a public relations spin. However, above all else, I identify as a student-athlete.

My Athlete Bio
One of the toughest jobs I have is balancing these goals. I'm currently pursuing a story that displays an athletic team in a less-then-flattering light. It's a prime example of the juggling act I am currently performing. I have found that despite my love of marketing and public relations, I am more interested in writing a truthful and interesting story for the paper that is going to create conversation. I also think that it is commendable to tell people the best available version of the truth. That is what the news is, according to several of my professors. It is also our job to tell the stories that will not be in the press releases put out by the school. I also struggle with my position as a writer and my commitment to being a student-athlete. I have loved being a student-athlete and would never want anyone there to think I am attacking them while I pursue a story and request interviews. 

Like I've said, I'm juggling a lot of rolls and commitments. I write this blog post not to discourage from getting involved with as many clubs and activities as possible, but to prepare you for the fact that you may also walk the line. 

My SMC Blogs Bio
Note that the criss-crossing of commitments can also lead to advantages. Without my position as a student-athlete, there are a lot of interviews that wouldn't have been granted and maybe even answers I wouldn't have received. The programs I'm involved in have helped me build relationships.

The bottom line is: The challenges of college don't always just involve time management, home sickness, and studying. Sometimes college challenges the way you think, act and think about yourself and those can be the hardest of them all.

Have questions? Ask me here: (You can ask anonymously if you'd like!)
You can also shoot me an email if you want to talk:


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Skiing Update: Time to Remember How to Race

Photo by: Gabbi Hall
Hello world,

You're probably abundantly aware that it is ski season. If you're from New England, I hope you aren't frozen solid today. For my non-New Englanders, it's been "Feels like -20" all day, so we're just trying to stay warm.

The first two carnivals on the EISA circuit were hosted by UVM and SLU. Overall, I haven't been thrilled with my results. I got 20th in the giant slalom last Friday, which was my best result so far this season.  Last season my best result was 11th, so I need to get myself together to get back to that level.
Photo by: Gabbi Hall

On the other hand, I am also happy to say that I am really enjoying my senior year of racing. It is my last season of competition and so I am striving to enjoy every run and race. The goal is always to race well and do well for the team, but I've made it a personal goal to make sure that I enjoy myself and don't take anything to seriously.

Photo by: Gabbi Hall
One of things I like to do while I'm at races is take photos. It started as a hobby during my photojournalism class and now I just think its great. It relaxes me between runs and then I end up with some cool photos. The photos in this post are of two St. Mike's male skiers and a UVM male skier. The problem with racing is that I rarely can take photos of the ladies because I am competing. 90% of my photos are of the men. I will say that the men's races are easier to photograph.

Tomorrow, I head to Sugarloaf, ME with the team for the Colby College carnival. Please keep your fingers crossed for me! I love this hill and could use a solid finish in both events.

Talk to you all soon!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Principles of Business Communications

Because I had open space in my schedule, the only thing I had to worry about was if I'd be able to ski. I've never taken a business course before, so I decided that now was a good time. I signed up for Principles of Business Communication with Erik Kaarla. As a communications major and someone who has worked in a business (and we all will at some point), I thought that it couldn't hurt to have a little experience with the basics of formal business communication practices.

The course covers a variety of topics including public speaking, which I am most excited about. I've done a lot of public speaking in my life and, to be honest, I rather like it. I think having a class that focuses on that is extraordinarily important in any major. There will be points in everyone's career where they need to speak publicly. I think they need to make it an LSC class in my personal opinion.

I have my first presentation tomorrow. Kaarla divided the class into groups of 4 to 5 people on day one. The groups were selected at random and each team picked a chapter of the book to cover. Our initial instinct was to grab one at the end. However, knowing the state I am going to be in in March and April (sleep-deprived and crazy), I suggested we take one of the first presentations. There are several reasons I like to go first, but my favorite is that you can set the standard. I like to set the bar high as you are probably already aware.

In order to be true to my personal presentation style, I used Prezi to make our presentation. We broke the chapter into 5 sections: one for each member, plus a section for class participation at the end. (Feel free to watch the Prezi below.)

The participation section includes each student formulating business-appropriate responses to one of the given scenarios. Students will be selected at random and will be asked to read their response aloud to the class. We will then open the floor to discussion about what the good and bad are of the response they wrote. (Keep your fingers crossed that the whole presentation runs smoothly.)

I have a love-hate relationship with group projects. They divide up the work, which is nice, but often times members are at different levels of public speaking abilities and levels of caring about the project. I don't care that this class isn't for my major and that I took it just for the credits. I care deeply about the impression I put forward and grade I receive at the end of the semester.

I promise to keep you updated on the class and let you know about any interesting projects we do this semester. I hope you are all having a good 2013 so far.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Social Media Practice and Theory - A New #SMCVT Class (#mjd219)

As you are probably aware, classes at St. Michael's College started on Monday. If you are a regular reader, you know that this is my last semester at the college. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting my diploma in May. In order to get there, I need to take a few more classes.

Lucky for me, the Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts department hired Michelle Jeffery, the coordinator of marketing and communications at Vermont Public Radio, to teach Social Media Practice and Theory. It is brand new course, which has never been offered before. I am thrilled to see the department providing a class in a media topic, which is clearly infiltrating our lives.

The course description states that we will explored Twitter and Facebook primarily with projects involving exploring many of the other social networks like Instagram. LinkedIn, Google+ and Foursquare. Let's just say that I should probably change my middle to name to "social media." We filled out a social media diet survey for the class and I had tried all of the social networks plus a few. I'm the girl that uses Twitter as a texting system and runs an aggressive amount of Facebook brand pages. I'm ALMOST embarrassed about my small obsession.... ALMOST.

The good news is I'm familiar with all the platforms, so I'm not coming into the class blind. If I was coming in blind, that'd be embarrassing considering I'm the Online Media and Communications coordinator at the school.

Assignments for the class will include participating in class discussions using #mjd219 on Twitter or in our Facebook group, shadowing a local journalist who uses social media and writing a story using social media sources and crowd sourcing.

The cover of our book proposal.
Perhaps the thing I like most so far is the fact is the mix of people in the class. I recognize many of them, but I've never had class with most of them, which will make for new and interesting conversation.  The second best part is that it will be a great course in relation to the book Liz and I are writing on media events in the 21st century with emphasis on social media and the way we engage with the television.

Now, I have to go because class starts soon. Let me know if you have any questions: .


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The First EISA Carnival of 2013

Hi Everyone!

I took a two week vacation from blogging for a few reasons, but the greatest was that I was back on campus skiing for two weeks with the team and was regularly exhausted. Plus, we all need a break from the norm, don't we? You'll be glad to know that now I am back for my final semester at St. Mike's. (Cue the ominous music.)

Before I jump into blog posts about my academic life as a senior, I want to share with you a little bit about the first EISA (Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association) Carnival of the season.

For those of you who aren't skiers, a "carnival" is just the name for a college race. While vastly entertaining like the original definition, there are no masks, public street parties, or parades.

Photo from the SMC Alpine Ski Team
Taken from the bottom of the Stowe GS
The University of Vermont hosted the first race at Stowe Mountain Resort, which is like a home hill for us. We train their twice a week along with our time at Smuggler's Notch. While I have had a countless number of runs on the race hill, this season I had had a minimal number of days in gates compared to many of the people competing or even compared to some of my team mates.

I didn't ski terribly this past weekend, but it certainly wasn't my best performance. I was solid, but did not have my regular, awesome self. (Please excuse the self-flattery.)

As for the other skiers on the team, the men had stand-out performances in slalom on Saturday. Fredrik Sandell grabbed a podium spot, coming in third. Carl Oscar Bredengen came in 19th and Brad Farrell came in 22nd. This places the men's team in 3rd for the day.

Following the alpine race, the team sits in 9th place. The nordic part of the race isn't for three weeks, so we won't know final results for a while.

In case you don't know, the nordic and alpine ski teams train separately, but in terms of EISA team rankings, our results are combined. 
My friend, Kelly from SLU, and I at Stowe

At the end of the day, the UVM Carnival was a fairly uneventful race. The obvious highlight for the team was Fredrik's podium. I was personally excited to see all of my friends who are from other schools like St. Lawrence, Dartmouth, and Middlebury.

The team heads to Lake Placid this weekend for the St. Lawrence University Carnival. If you are interested, check out Live-Timing and "watch" the races. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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