Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finals Week Wrap-Up: DVD Portfolio, Little Bellas, and the Acabellas Concert

The great thing about the media studies department is that you create work that you can use in a portfolio. In fact, in the course of your time in the program, you'll create web portfolios and potentially DVD portfolios. The idea is to a) test the skills from particular courses and b) give students portfolios that they can give to potential employers.

To the right is my portfolio cover for my DVD. Within my DVD, I included videos, photos, and pages from the Defender. I market myself in the DVD as a photographer, videographer, and writer. I'm rather happy with the way it turned out. As you can tell, I designed the cover to match my blog. I think my personal brand should be consistent. Someone told me they thought the navy, white, and calligraphy was pretentious, but I think it is classic and simple.

One of the videos on my DVD is for the Little Bellas, a non-profit in VT (and going national) which strives to get more girls on mountain bikes. Embedded is the three minute cut of the film. There is also a 10-min cut if you are interested in watching the full length version, which I had to create for Adventure Film.

Let's be honest. Creating a DVD portfolio is NOT the worst way to spend finals week. I could have had a *gulp* exam.

On a more fun note, the Acabellas had our winter concert the Saturday before finals to a large crowd in McCarthy Arts Center.

We premiered some new music including "Zombies" by the Cranberries, "Some Nights" by Fun., and "One Fine Day" by the Chiffons. The video above is "Some Nights" and, in my opinion, it was the best song of the afternoon.

Now, I am going to enjoy the couch and make my dad watch "The Holiday." (Yes, the one with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Jude Law. Sorry I'm not sorry, Dad. <3 p="p">
Happy Holidays! xoxo

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