Saturday, November 24, 2012

Socially Acceptable Things To Do After Thanksgiving

1) Listen to Christmas Carols. 

I really hate when stores rush the holidays. You know when you go to buy your vampire teeth for Halloween because you procrastinated on a wittier costume and they are already encouraging you to buy your pre-lit, 3-foot-tall Christmas tree? I really don't like that.

Following Thanksgiving, it is socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music. 

So break-out your Christmas albums and karaoke your way to the holidays. Kate and I did just that when we went shopping on Black Friday...

2) Shop Until You Drop

Black Friday is the one day a year where you could shop for over 24-hours. In fact, you can usually start on Thanksgiving, which I personally feel is ridiculous.

However,  now that Thanksgiving has passed it is the season of spending and it is socially acceptable to empty your bank account if you so desire.

It is a time for buying gifts for important people in your life and then buying a little something extra for yourself like sparkly gold pumps because they were 50 percent off and you might need them for a New Year's party. (This is me.... I have resisted the purchase for the time being...)

On Black Friday, I bought a giant eye make-up set for $16.99, a black pencil skirt from Express for $30, and a cream colored dress with floral print for $10.

3) Wear Red, Green and Ugly Sweaters.

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I don't know how everyone else feels, but there is something strange about wearing red and green in July. It just doesn't suit people.

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it is socially acceptable to wear red and green.

You can now break out the ugly sweaters who stuffed in the back of your closet last year. In fact, owning that sweater gives you the divine right to throw a party and wear reindeer antlers without shame.

So get out there and celebrate the season. This behavior won't be socially acceptable for long! Get it on it while supplies last!


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