Monday, November 12, 2012

21st Birthday + Senior Pub Crawl

There are certain birthdays you look forward to. At 16, you can get your driver's license. At 18, you can get piercings and tattoos. At 21, you can legally drink alcohol and this past Friday, I finally turned 21 years old--just in time for the Senior Pub Crawl I might add.

As a rule, blogging about alcohol and pub crawls is a bad idea, but since this blog is about the college experience at St. Mike's and we all have a 21st birthday eventually, I wanted to share my story.

For my birthday dinner, my friends and I went downtown to a Mexican food restaurant called Madera's, so I could have a margarita. Madera's is on the best Mexican food places in VT and is about as close as it gets to west coast Mexican food. (I also hear El Gato is rather good, but I couldn't get a reservation for 7 people at 7 p.m.) It's not incredibly cheap or expensive. I'd estimate you'd spend $20 on dinner.

My first legal drink at Madera's
After that, we headed back to campus to celebrate at a party in the townhouses. My friend, Karen, let me borrow the crown from her Honey Boo-Boo costume on Halloween and Andrea let me borrow her "Birthday Princess" sash. It was an incredibly fun night and I'm grateful to have amazing friends who care enough to host a birthday party for me.

Saturday night was the pub crawl. Seniors go on a pub crawl each semester. Buses shuttled us downtown from 10 p.m. until 1 a.m. It was my first American bar hopping experience (I went bar hopping in New Zealand) and it was very fun! It seemed that almost the entire crowd at bars like What Ale's You and RiRa's were St. Mike's seniors. A lot of times, we--the students--joke about the "St. Mike's bubble." We have everything we need right here on campus so why leave? Well, going downtown and seeing all that Burlington has to offer is a great reason why. Burlington is a fabulous place to celebrate a 21st birthday. I can't wait for you to enjoy yours!

Now, we've started another week of classes, the last full one before Thanksgiving break! :) I can't wait for a few days off.



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