Monday, October 8, 2012

Spending a Day on the Campaign Trail with @CarolineBright

Every week, I write articles for the Defender in addition to being an editor and laying out pages. This week's issue is multimedia based meaning our print issue is less substantial and most of the content is online.

About a month ago, I pitched a story about Caroline Bright, a Class of 2012 graduate who is currently running for Vermont state senate on behalf of Franklin County. We pushed the story waiting for the opportunity to do a multimedia. I am carless which presented a challenge, but I paired up with Shannon Moore, the features editor, and we tackled the story for Issue #4.

Bright in her former science classroom
Shannon and I spent over 10 hours with Caroline, following her from her hair appointment through her first debate. It is by far the most in-depth story I've ever done. I have actually covered Caroline before a media class while she was still Miss Vermont. She is also close friends with one of my good friends from skiing, so we've interacted before. From a journalistic stand-point this made our story much more genuine because Caroline was comfortable with us.
Bright goes up against an older (and male) table of candidates
 in her first debate
Caroline also happens to be one of the most outgoing and personable people I've ever met. Shannon and I barely had to ask questions when we were with her. We just shared conversations and got all the audio we needed. The hard part wasn't getting the information. It was sorting through it where we met our challenege. There were so many angles we could have taken. We could have done a story on the issues Caroline is running on. We could have done a story on all the candidates running for state senate for Franklin County. However, we ended up doing a story that takes a look at how Caroline portrays herself for the campaign, what makes her different from most politicians and how being Miss Vermont helped her prepare. It's not everyday a 22-year-old that is fresh out of college runs for political office making this a really fun story to cover.
I'm also thrilled to say that it is the cover story for this week's Defender. It is my first cover story and my photo made it on the front. :-D
Make sure to pick it up in print on campus and to check it out online tomorrow (Tues. Oct 9th) at It's going to be a great issue!

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