Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sleepless In Burlington - Vermont International Film Festival (Preview)

This weekend, I will be competing as part of the St. Michael's  team in the Vermont International Film Festival's "Sleepless In Burlington" competition. The competition pits teams from colleges around Vermont against each other. Schools include University of Vermont, Middlebury College, Burlington College and possibly Champlain College.

Last year, St. Mike's won the first ever competition with the below video, so my team has a lot to live up to.
The premise of the competition is that teams have 24 hours to film, edit, and submit a 4 to 9 minute film while fulfilling certain requirements put forth by the organizers. Last year, the team had to use candy corns, "Canada Guy," and a Burlington landmark.

This year, I am on a team of five including Vicky Cooley, Brain McQueen, Chase Pellerin, and Derrick Logan, all of whom I have had classes with. The advantage to this is that we have, at the very least, a working relationship already in place.

That being said I am incredibly nervous about the competition. On Friday morning, we will receive via email the guidelines. Essentially, they are going to tell us what this year's "candy corns" are. On Friday evening, we will have a short informational meeting over at the University of Vermont. On Saturday morning at 8 a.m. (Oh geez...), we cast our actors and then shooting begins at 10 a.m. Our film is to be submitted by noon on Sunday. The official viewing happens at 6 p.m. on Sunday night at Main Street Landing in Burlington.

I'll be honest. I seriously considered NOT doing this competition. This weekend is Halloween weekend at St. Mike's and I didn't want to miss out on my "last" Halloween. However, I realized that the chance to compete in an international film festival may not be ever pop up again for me. Basically, I'm carpe-ing the diem.

I promise to let you know all about the experience afterwards, but only after I've taken a good long nap.

Talk to you all soon!


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