Friday, October 5, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame on @WPTZ and @BFP_News

Last night was the first presidential debate of the first election where I have a vote. I attended the debate for a number of reasons including a Her Campus article, an acting class paper, and personal education. As part of Professor Mindich's weekly film series, the debates were aired in Cheray 101 AND Cheray 111. Before 8:30 pm, the largest classroom on campus had students sitting in the stairs. I knew we had a politically charged campus, but I was very surprised to see how many people came to the campus viewing.

With a strong student and faculty turn out, we also saw a strong turnout of the press and I was interviewed.

WPTZ Channel 5's, David Charns, was there for the broadcast crew. About half way through the debate, my friend Alex and I were pulled out of the debate to express our thoughts on the current debate winner. St. Mike's students name presidential debate winner | Vermont - WPTZ Home Unfortunately, it's not letting me embed the video, but you can watch it be following the link. As a journalist, I know that we need to edit quotes down and find the ones that fit our stories. I spent the second half of the debate wondering "What kind of journalist is Charns? How is he going to make me look and sound?" Well, I sounded fine, but boy, was I pasty white or what? (Obviously, a #vermontproblem and NOT Charns fault.)

There I am... Front and center.... In a Brown sweatshirt

I was also quoted in the Burlington Free Press as well had a half page photo in the paper. I was not expecting the photo to be that big, but hey I think it's a pretty cool photo.

It was funny. As the photographer was walking around, I recognized her, but couldn't place here. Then it hit me. I believe she came to my photojournalism course last year and spoke. Naturally, I figured that out way after the fact.

I only knew I might be in the free press because the photographer asked for my name. I went to a meeting with Christian (from Marketing) about some blogger events and he showed me the paper.

There you have it. My most recent "15 minutes of Fame" in the Burlington Free Press.

Talk to you soon! I'm off to do some reporting of my own.


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