Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Working on the @SMC_Defender Staff - Part 1

We are in Week 2 of classes here at St. Mike's and I'm still getting into the swing of my schedule. My schedule is rather full this semester making it even more challenging. However, today I'm just going to talk to you about one of those commitments, Publication Editing and Design, or as media studies majors call it "Defender." Taking Publication Editing and Design means working as an editor on the school paper. As a team, we determine the paper's mission statement, the overall design of the paper (although that does fall primarily on the Executive Editor), and weekly content. 

Our first issue is coming out on September 11, 2012, or next Tuesday. We have all been assigned our articles for the first issue and my piece is a Fall Varsity Sports preview. From this you may have guessed that I am, in fact, a Sports Editor! I am co-editing with Chris Elbag, another MJD senior. Typically, editors will write 2 articles per issue plus we'll have staff writers from Writing for Media 1 and 2. My sports preview is covering 6 sports, each receiving about 200 words. It is the equivalent of about 2 typical news articles. Generally speaking, stories are around 500 words each. 

I'm in the thick of my interviews right now and have a ton of writing to do. I'll get there, it's just a lot of information about several sports that I am not intimately acquainted with. I am happy to be in a section that is typically run by males because lord knows I love to stir the pot and be different. I am also happy not to be the Online Editor. Virtually everything I am involved in is online, so I was keen to avoid being online editor.

Our articles our due on Friday and we have Defender lab on Sunday from approximately 10 am to 6 pm. Defender lab is where the paper really comes together and all the editing and page layouts happen, so that the paper can be printed and distributed on Tuesday. My first lab is on Sunday and I don't really know what to expect yet. All I know is I can't wait to get in there and shake up the sports section.

I'll post again after the lab to let you know if I survived ;) Have questions? Ask me at www.formspring.me/gabbismc


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