Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Burlington Art Hop 2012

Planning to live in Burlington?
I recommend attending the SEABA Art Hop at least once. SEABA stands for the South End Art and Business Associaton.

Awesome mural on the side of the Soda Plant
Planning to studying Digital Arts, Journalism, and Media Studies?
You should also plan to attend the Burlington Art Hop every year. Whether it is for extra credit or your senior seminar (That's my reason this year.), you'll go and I promise you'll enjoy it.

As I mentioned, I went for an "Alternative Visions" assignment for my senior seminar research proposal class. (MJD seniors have a year-long senior project and the fall semester is dedicated to determining a topic and starting research. Most majors have a semester long capstone class.) I went with my fabulous senior seminar partner, Liz Murray.

You're probably wondering "What the heck is the Art Hop?" The Art Hop happens one weekend in September and locations all down Pine Street open their doors for locals and tourists alike. Artists from all over New England hang up their work and socialize with an eclectic mix of people appreciating or criticizing their art. Here is the official description from the SEABA website:

The South End Art Hop is a three day event occurring on the weekend following the Labor Day holiday. It attracts over 30,000 visitors, the majority from outside Burlington. Visitors are attracted to the South End artist’s studios, and local businesses that are refit as art galleries and exhibition sites for the more than 500 participating artists. The event celebrates the unique characteristics of the Pine Street corridor, in particular the development of concentrated creative and artistic activity that has been established in numerous re-purposed factories and warehouses within the District. This corridor has been designated, and recognized, as the South End Arts District.

The Art Riot in BTV
My favorite part of this year's hop was the Art Riot. It was a parking lot filled with artists working on pieces that were up for auction. There was a DJ to accompany the scene and even an Instragram contest. (I was totally geeking out about it. I'm a social media nerd. I can't help it.) My other favorite stop was a shop, Recycle Moe, which makes crafty decorations and notebooks. There were notebooks made of a Scrabble board and a Candyland board. Yes, I want them both. Luckily, Recycle Moe is on Etsy, so I can order online. Yay for crafts!

We were particularly excited that the weather was warm enough that even after dark we were comfortable in summer dresses. After Pine St, we went up to Church St so that Liz could get some highlighter clothing for the Highlighter dance and a Starbuck cappuccino. I wanted to get Ben & Jerry's, but the line was out the door. *sigh* That's okay because I came home and hung out with my friends. :-D

Of course, hanging out with my friends means I'm now scrambling to do my homework for tomorrow. No rest for the weary. Look for upcoming posts on my latest Adventure Film Making lab and my first Defender lab experience.


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