Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mason Jars and Tie-Dye: Just Another Vermont Night

When giving a tour, I am always prepared to answer the question, "What do students do on the weekends?" 99% of the time someone (usually a parent) asks. 100% the prospective students are wondering.

The questions actually requires a rather lengthy answer. We go downtown for food, concerts, and shopping. We have movie nights with our friends. We go on Wilderness Program trips. We attend socials.

Socials are put on by RAs and ACAs around campus every weekend and provide activities for students. My friends, Sarah, the ACA in the 200s, and Peppers, the ACA in the 400s and were on duty Saturday night, so they had to put on a social. We also decided to have a girl's night/movie night, so the social was really just a fun time for us all to hang out. However, any one on campus can attend any social on campus. Socials range from wings eating to video game tournaments to what I did on Saturday night.

We headed to International Commons at 8 pm for cookie decorating, mason jar decorating, and tie-dying.

T-shirts were provided for tie-dying so obviously I jumped on that craft. I never really thought I'd tie-dye anything ever before coming to St. Mike's, but you sort of end up with a minor in tie-dye by coming to school in VT. Whether you do it at a social or for P-Day shirts with friends, you just pick it up. I went with pink and yellow on this one and I'm rather proud of it. There is actually a spiral!

Next up was mason jar decorating. It seems that drinking out of mason jars is the super trendy thing to do these days and since they were providing them for free, I snagged a few to decorate with puff paint. This particular jug is going to be my "Winter Time" mug for hot chocolage. It's a rather large one so it could double as a vase, but I think I'll just use it for beverages... or maybe I'll keep hot cocoa mix in there. Hmmmm....

Yes, I know. My big decisions are so impressive and life-altering. :)

We also watched the Twilight movie, Eclipse, and The Proposal that evening. There was also an incident with a spider on the couch which involved a lot of screaming and getting Sarah's BF, Pat, the kill it.

Overall, it was a very successful evening followed by 8 hours in lab to produce this week's issue of the Defender. It comes out tomorrow, so make sure to pick it up!


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