Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fashion Evolution from High School to College (Guest Post by Amy and Alyssa of East Coast Clad)

The transition from high school to college isn't easy. Living on your own, figuring out expenses, dealing with classes, homework and a social almost seems impossible. Then throw in the daily problem of "what do I wear to class?!" and college life IS impossible. Thankfully, the inspiration to dress on a budget and find the perfect "I-am-dressed-up-but-didn't-try-to-be" outfit is right here...on the internet!

When we started college (Amy in the fall of 2009 and Alyssa in the fall of 2010) neither of us had our styles set in place. Luckily, things have changed and we are well on our way of finding our unique personal styles.

Amy's story:
My freshman year style consisted of rainbow sandals, an ill-fitting pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans and an Erin Fetherson for Target blouse. I had the basics, but seriously needed some help. It wasn't until I discovered fashion blogs and began reading magazines that I gained the confidence to emulate and re-create the designer looks I was seeing online and in glossy pages. I knew I wouldn't be strutting down the streets of NYC on my way to English, but that didn't mean I should be dressing like a bum. College is preparing you for a career, which means you should dress up nicely for when you have a career. Plus, you won't look like you pulled an all-nighter if you have your makeup on and a stellar outfit.

Alyssa's story:
It is funny how in high school and at the beginning of college in my mind I thought I looked so stylish. I look back now and I am like what was I wearing?! I also wore the basics that I felt couldn't be criticized by others, because everyone wore them. I never felt comfortable sharing my true style in high school, then when I came to college I was still in that mind set. Finally I began to feel comfortable and confident in my skin, so wore those oxfords to class that I never imagined I would. It just kept going from there, my personal style kept emerging more as the years went one. The happiness of feeling good about how you feel or  what you are wearing is like nothing I have ever know. The best advice I could ever give to anyone would be wear what you want to and forget everyone else. Who cares what people think and rock  your combat boots to class or out at a party. People will notice your style and confidence and be like, "Hey, I wish I could wear those boots." Love who you are and embrace it. 

College is all about self-discovery, and fashion is included in that. You become more confident with yourself and your style develops and changes. We believe that style is always changing and that it will always be difficult to pinpoint down on one's exact style. Personal style is different to everyone, hence the "personal" part, so that doesn't mean you should copy an exact outfit you see on a blog. Take what works for you, say a cropped pair of jeans you saw from Zara, and make it your own. Style is self-interpreted, so take chances during the year's of your life where it is all about chance and self-discovery.
Amy Kelly & Alyssa Miller
      East Coast Clad founders


I want to extend a thank-you to Amy and Alyssa for contributing to The 'Licious Life. I think that how we present ourselves on the outside can have a huge impression on how people will treat you. We all want to be successful in life and dressing for the role you want will be a huge benefit for you. Find your personal style and run with it! Questions?

xoxo Gabbi


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