Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adventure Film Making: Rock Climbing

For the last of the three adventure film labs, I went on a rock climbing adventure. Now, I have rock climbed before Friday, but it has certainly been a while. To better explain to you how long it's been I woke up on Saturday morning with muscles aching that I forgot I had. Don't you just love those mornings?

We went down near Bolton with a student wilderness instructor and three other students from my class. It was rather chilly out. Thank god I have all my winter layers, so I was alright. We were lucky that the rain held off while we were out.

That's me working my way up!
Perhaps the biggest fear I had to get over was that I would just fall off the cliff. It's really not a crazy fear.

I was surprised to find that the climbing shoes held so well on even the smallest of rivets on the rock. This particular climb was interesting because you had to use there was a crevice between the two rocks. There were times when I had to use opposite forces and shimmy a little bit. There wasn't as much stepping and strategic wiggling.

I had a really great time doing it despite being sore the next day. I made it all the way up the rocks twice. The second time I avoided having to go into the crevice, which I was rather thrilled about.

L to R: Me, Kate, and Christina
After a few hours of climbing, we headed back to campus and I had a lovely night out with friends. Sometimes in college you actually have to schedule time to see certain friends. There are some friends I only see on the weekends because we don't eat our meals together in Alliot, we don't share a major and we aren't in the same clubs. It's a weird place to be in considering they are some of my best friends.

It was a great weekend all in all and we have a new issue of the Defender coming out on Tuesday. It could very well be our best yet! I promise to share it with you here when it goes out.

In the mean time, have a great Monday. Keep calm, drink coffee, and make sure to put everything in your planner.

Gabbi Hall

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  1. Hi Gabbi!I'm excited to see the new issue of the Defender.Good-luck guys.


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