Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Make Friends in College

For many of you, the same friends that started the first grade with you also started high school with you. You're thicker than thieves and nothing has separated you until now.

Now it's time to head off to college it's possible that states and maybe even oceans will separate you. One of your new concerns: How will I make friends in college?

1) My very first blog post was titled, "Hi, I'm Gabbi and I Think We're Friends on Facebook." That's how I met a lot of my classmates. Because I was in California and unable to meet people in person, I struck up conversations on Facebook. I was pretty shameless and I'm relatively sure that people thought I was the crazy Facebook chick. (Side note: my "craziness" landed me my job as an SMC Blogger and eventually all my internships.) In retrospect, it may have been the not-so-normal way to meet people, but it made it 10 times easier to approach people on move-in day and say "Hey, aren't you, insert-name-here?"... "Ya, we chatted about x, y, and z on Facebook." That's all you have to say. I'm not saying all your Facebook friends will become your best friends. I will say that one of the girls I'm living with this year, Andrea, approached me on day one and knew me as "Gabbilicious" and that I knew how to get a computer hooked up to the Internet. (Yes, that really was my Facebook name.)

2) The next great way to meet as many people as possible is to keep your door open during orientation. If you and your roommate are just hanging out leave it open. You will have a ton of people in your room in no time. It's like an open invitation for roamers to come say "hey." At one point during my orientation we had a huge group of guys from the first floor and most of the 3rd floor of Joyce in our room. We played this weird word game. It was pretty hysterical, but also gave us a year long connection. I'm still friends with many people in that group.

3) The third way is to collect anyone and everyone for Alliot meals. I'm not going to lie to you. I think the first couple weeks in the cafeteria can be mad awkward, navigating upperclassman and trying to find your group in the crowd. In fact, I still find it awkward sometimes. Therefore, I recommend you bring a group and nothing brings people together like food! My first year I would literally just yell down the hallway and say, "Who is hungry?" Girls would pop out of their rooms and off we'd go. I also always made an effort to invite people who appeared to be alone. Some people aren't as.. ummm..... loud as me. It's just the way it is. However, I wasn't always that way and so I really made an effort to include people. We were all going through a similar adjustment to being away from what we know, so why not do it together?

Bottom line: Orientation weekend is a great excuse to introduce yourself to everyone and anyone. I mean it. The whole idea is to meet people, so DO it. If there is a cute guy, introduce yourself. What do you have to lose?

Have questions?

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  1. Hi Gabbi,
    You are right in College we have a diversification of people but, again it is dependent on our nature and taste that we like. By the way i have great experience to make friends online


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