Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Hi, I'm Gabbi and I Think We're Friends On Facebook"

I repost my first ever blog post every year around this time. It is all about my first weekend at school and what I thought of orientation. I look back and laugh at how I signed the post. Yes, I did go by Gabbilicious for a while. (The 'Licious Life is a take on that.) It doesn't get more honest than this post in terms of initial reactions to Orientation, so enjoy!

xo Gabbi

"Well, I made it through Orientation and the first week of classes. (Whew!) What a whirl wind. Let me give you the low down on Orientation...

First, I just want to say that those O-Leaders are quite the spectacle. All decked in whistles and sweat bands. :-) Second, if you want an easy move-in day come to SMC. Seriously. O-Leaders love to carry heavy objects of lots of stairs.

Okay. So, I stayed at the Days Inn the night before move in day and those whistles were my alarm clock. I could here them across the street at about 8 am. (I was really thrilled ;-) ) But it also made me very excited to come over. I got antsy waiting for the 9 am check-in at the Ross Sports Center, so I walked across the street and strolled the campus.
Promptly at 9 am, I walked in, checked in, got my folder, ran into my first SMC twitter friend, and then called my parents to tell them to bring my stuff over. Here is where the crazy O-Leaders, RA's, RD's, and all other manner of SMC staff member come in. I walked up to Joyce Hall. I was immediately greeted by screams. I then met Kate, the 3rd floor RA, who took me to my new home. :-). When my parents arrived, my family started to move things up to my room. Then the O-Leaders were on a rampage, bombarded my car, and conveniently lifted all of my stuff into my room. So like I said, if are looking for easy move-in come to SMC. Also, loft your bed. You need to space. If you like bunk beds, do that and you can fit a couch. Not that you need to know all this now, but just put it in the back of your mind.
I am fortunate enough to have a fabulous room mate. Although all the girls don't have a BFF relationship with their roomies, everyone appears to be getting along. Anyways, our room is nice and bright. The overall decor is fantastic. I went "Bright & Wild" while Ashley went floral. It blends nicely if I do say so myself. (I'll upload a video.)

Now, I am moving on to day to day life. IT IS GREAT! I'm loving it. I am very pleased to say I love all my classes and professors. But its also only been a week, so we'll see how that goes... Just to get an idea I'll give a run through of my Wednesdays.

7 am: Wake up
8:15 am: Spanish 102
10:00 am: Mass Communications
12:00 pm: Lunch with Joyce 3rd Floor girls (or who ever is available)
1:00 - 4:30 pm: Homework, Procrastination, Handstands in the hallway, or many other things that can be done on campus
4:30-6 pm: Ski Team Dryland
6:30 pm: Dinner
7:30 pm - whenever: Mass hangout session in Joyce 305.
That is a general summary of my days now. It's an awesome schedule. I like having my afternoons free. I am a morning person, so this is fantastic. And on Mondays, I am done with classes by 9. :-) Its fantastic.

Ok! One last thing I want to mention since its my first blog. Meeting people is REALLY not that awkward. My personal favorite for pick-up lines (and seemingly the most popular) is "Hi I'm *Insert Name Here*. I think we're friends on face book." Now as nerdy and weird as that may seem its really not. It's much easier to meet people when you've facebook chatted with them. And for me personally, I had LOTS of people coming up to me and asking,"Are you Gabbilicious?" That is my facebook name and it has caught on with lots of people. I also sent out a audition video to Seventeen magazine to be part of the freshman 15. Anyways, I sent that around to people for viewing. I am sure lots of people think I am the crazy chick from the you tube video.

Here is my point. It is very easy to meet people here! And I am loving every second :-)!
PS My floormates want to be in my blog so here it goes: Andrea, Natalie, Ashley, and Sarah.

There are more but we need food from Alliot. I'm starved.

xoxo Gabbilicious"

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