Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Little Vacation: Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July

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Hey Everyone!

I'm glad to be back. I took a short break from blogging, but it feels like forever. I wanted to be on a complete vacation while I was home. (I still ended up doing some work on the road, but I just didn't want to be overwhelmed by my to-do list when I got back to work.....)

I went home to Lake Tahoe over the 4th of July. I use "home" loosely because yes, it is where my parents live, but I don't spend more than 3 weeks there every year and I wasn't born and raised there. Nevertheless, it was an awesome time. It was so nice to just relax and not have to be anywhere.

Parachuters jump into Lake Tahoe
To be honest, the first two days I just lazed around on the deck and read Sense and Sensibility. Sometimes I need to completely decompress. Of course, 4th of July is when the real fun started.  Every year, Incline Beach puts on a show for the hundreds of people at the beach. There are concerts and bars and an Army helicopter show. If you look at the picture (left), you can see one of the parachuters with an American flag. Essentially, a plane drops off the parachuters. They land in the water in wetsuits and fins. The helicopter comes and picks them up. It keeps everyone entertained for a good 20 minutes. We spent the day at the beach with some family friends. Due to the July 4th falling on a Wednesday, there was no parade until Saturday when I left. Oh well. I was happy getting my tan on.

At the top of Rubicon Peak

On July 5th, I went on what I am lovingly referring to as the "ass-kicker" hike. The hike is actually up Rubicon Peak. In reality, I have done more strenuous hikes, but at 9,000 feet I certainly struggled. My mom, dad, and I went with some of their clients (and my old neighbors) who have a house on the west shore of the lake. They are all adjusted and living at high elevations, but this Los Angeles girl had he ass handed to her. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I haven't lived at that elevation for at least two years. Luckily, we had a bomb lunch when we got back to our friend's cabin including homemade vegetable quiche and salmon.

Maddi and I on the lake outside Gar Wood's
On my last full day in Tahoe, also known as Saturday, Maddi, Mom, Dad, and I went out on our friend's boat for some wakeboarding and sunshine. I haven't wakeboarded since I was 15, but I got up on the first go. #winning  I did admittedly eat it when I tried to get out from behind the boat into "open water." It is incredibly awkward to be strapped in sideways like that. I'm 10x more comfortable on a water ski.
After I was done being extreme (kidding), we headed over to Gar Wood's Grill on the west shore for lunch. While you can pull up in a car, I felt super cool pulling up on the boat to the dock at the restaurant. #fancypants Gar Wood's not only has amazing food, but amazing views. You can sit on the deck and look out on the lake. Check it out in the photo below!

The View from Gar Wood's
Unfortunately, work called so I had to head back to LA on Saturday. Fortunately, my cousin and her friend wanted to go to Malibu, so off I went to the beach on Sunday and guess what? I met Helen Hunt. Yes, the actress. It was so cool. She commented on my tattoo. I was in celeb heaven.

Now I am back on the grind and working hard. :)


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