Friday, July 27, 2012

First-Year Experiences: The Ones That Changed My Life

... or at the very least, effected my experience at SMC.

Many members of the SMC Class of 2016 have attended a POW, WOW, SOAR, or, at least, a registration day. It is your first taste of college, meeting with upper classmen and professors, and touring around campus. While there are interesting experiences during these weekends, there are many experiences to be had at orientation and throughout your first year. I want share some the experiences that changed my life.

1) Move-In Day.

That's when it hit me. That's when the idea that I was a college student really hit me. More importantly, Move-In Day is the day that I met my closest friends in the world.

Pictured here are (L to R): Hannah, Sarah, Andrea, Natalie, myself, and Kate. This was 2 weeks into school for the Highlighter Dance. I'm pleased to say that I am still friends with all of them. We all lived on the same floor (Joyce 3rd South) and they have been my SMC family. From boy problems to ski problems, these girls have gotten me through a lot of growing up. Be willing to meet as many as people as possible and leave preconceived notions behind. People will surprise you.

2) The First-Year Dance

I like to dance. I dance in my room, on tables, walking to class, and really wherever the mood strikes me. Obviously, I attended the first-year dance as I advise everyone to do!

This is sort of a minor hurdle, but a hurdle none the less. I hadn't been to a dance since the 8th grade due to my unorthodox high school education. Well, I saw this group of rather attractive guys on the side line and I went up and asked "do any of you want to dance?"

I go rejected... by 5 guys at once. It wasn't a glorious moment, but I lived and had a great time at the dance. The obstacle is getting over rejection. Be willing to test yourself at school. It pays off even if not right away.

3) The Halloween Dance

I'll make a long story short. This was where I got my first kiss. Yup, right on the dance floor. Maybe it wasn't life-altering. In fact, it was sort of sloppy, but they guy was cute and I had a crush on him. It was a milestone.

You might be laughing because most people reach the milestone at age 12, but I'm a late bloomer and was on an all-girls ski team for most of high school. My personal/boy life was in the back seat.

4) My First P-Day

Nothing brings people together like free food and inflatable obstacle courses, so Saint Mike's makes a day out of it called P-Day, more formally known as preparation day. Watch the following video to learn more:

P-Day changed my life because it one of the moments (or whole days) where you realize what a great community we are a part of. We are silly and fun-loving. We work hard and play hard. It's a frikkin' awesome crew and I wouldn't choose to attend anywhere else for the world.

For some of you, your experiences may be completely opposite. I did want to offer up a few pieces of my experience. I wanted to share what makes life at SMC so amazing and give you things to look forward to as we near August 23rd!



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