Thursday, June 7, 2012

Learning to Change the Toner (Valuable Intern Skill)

It is never a dull day as an intern and today was a day for a new skill: changing to toner of my printer. To be honest, no one ever really uses this printer/scanner/fax, so I was just going to ignore the "Low Toner" flashing on the screen. Most of my tasks are digital and sent via email. I try to limit my paper use. However, my fellow intern decided it was time to do the deed, so she could scan and print. After grabbing a coffee, we embarked on our latest adventure.

By adventure, I mean walking to my boss' assistant, getting the toner, unpackaging the toner and then reading the simple instructions.

Now, what should have been a simple task turned into something of an ordeal. We couldn't get the old cartridge out. I didn't realize that the entire compartment where the toner lives comes out and so I was trying to shimmy the toner cartridge out. Christine and I had to call Katrina, our friend at reception, and she guided us via the phone. We felt really silly when the container popped right out.

Then, we switched the cartridge and closed up the printer.......

And we got an error message. Awesome. Naturally, our friend, Michelle from Compliance, walked by and gave us a quizzical look as I dismantled the printer once more. She stayed and chatted and together we go the printer functioning. Phew!

Then, Ecri came around the corner just as we were celebrating our victory over the toner cartridge. Christine asked what we do to dispose of the cartridge. Just as Ecri was saying that we send it back to the company, Rinaldo, the IT guy, came around the corner and said that he takes them to Staples because you get $3 for the old ones.

So that's what I learned today. How to change the toner in the printer and where to recycle the old ones. Next up, I need to learn to transfer a call. :-P Oh the intern life. Follow #glamtern for all my internship updates!


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