Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen You Become a Senior

... and you realize you won't be an SMC Blogger forever.
... and you won't live on a college campus forever.
... and you'll have to pay cell phone bills.
... and you'll have to pay rent and taxes.

Oh, god! *Takes deep cleansing breath*

As of a half hour ago, I finished junior year. I don't know if I can technically be a senior until the current class graduates, but that is only a matter of days. Of course, a lot has happened to lead up to this point. Let's review my week.

Courtesy of Christina Perri's Instagram
Saturday: Christina Perri concert with Jazz Bruce

My guitarist friend, Jazz, had an extra ticket to the sold out Christina Perri concert at Higher Ground. (Check out our recording of The Only Exception by Paramore.)She offered it to me the day before and I wasn't not going to go. (Sorry for that double negative.) In the photo to the right, Christina's drummer took a photo of the audience. Jazz and I were in the back. I had heels on, thankfully, so I could see the whole concert really well! Obviously, I sang along to some favorites like "Jar of Hearts," "Arms," and "A Thousand Years." I have literally had Christina Perri songs stuck in my head for days!

Tuesday: INGO Website and Photojouralism Portfolio Due + New Hair

Today was the final day for me. I don't leave for my road trip until Friday, but school is done! Today I finished up my final website project for Global Communications on the INGO - Committee to Protect Journalists, which analyzed their media outreach. It was very interesting to analyze journalists working in INGOs. (Side note: I got my grade back on my France media analysis site and I did well! I got a 90% on my design and an 88% on my content! You can view it here!) I also turned in my photojournalism story on the Accepted Student Day in late April which got great feedback.

To top it all off, I got my hair cut. The Aveda O'Brien Institute, a student salon in Shelburne, was offering $8 haircuts for morning walk-ins. I had time so I drove down. For students on a budget, student salons are the way to go. They do cuts, color, waxing, manis, pedis, massages, and facials, all for discounted prices! The students are overseen by trained stylists and I have never had a bad experience. I think student might actually be better than trained stylists sometimes because they really listen to what the client wants!

For summer, I brought my bangs back. I am going to be getting highlights when I get to LA so I can start my transition back to blonde. For now, I like my bangs. They feel sassy :)

Now,  I'm going to finish watching the new NCIS and work on packing up my room! Have questions? Shoot me a question of Formspring.


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