Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Perfect Pair: Tackling Two Internships

Two offices. Two desks. Two bosses. (Well, probably more like 10 bosses, but minor detail...)

Yup, this summer I am taking on two internships, both of which I have now started. This is my first full week of work and it isn't even a real full week because of Memorial Day Weekend. Yesterday was my first day with Ink PR Group in West Hollywood, CA. That is the internship that I am doing for credit meaning I have to write daily logs which I send to Professor Griffith. I also have two papers to write this summer. Ugh. Although, I guess that means I'll be less out of practice come August. That being said, I am including tid-bits from my log so you can get a taste for what I did on my first day.

"I got to the office around 8:50 am because I am always early. Natalie, my supervisor, was in the office. She showed me around, although there isn’t a ton to see. It’s a small office with up to 10 people at any time. There are two other interns. Patricia is finishing up her Spring semester internship and Joelle is doing a summer internship while she gets her masters from University of Memphis. It's entirely possible there are interns working on days that I don't and therefore may never meet.

I dove right into some of my primary responsibilities including press clippings which are sent out to our various clients. I am thankful for my layout experience in Photoshop. My biggest challenge has been figuring out this version of Photoshop. It’s from 2000 and isn’t in the CS family! Many of the shortcuts and editing options are different, but after 10 or so clippings I think I am getting the hang of it. Thank goodness for Patricia, the veteran intern, who answered all of our questions.

The press clippings include the publication logo, the article, and, if it is a major publication, the circulation numbers. For example, I did a press clipping from the Huffington Post Entertainment section and included that is has roughly 20 million unique visitors. I can get this information through Cision Point, an online database of publications, editors, and authors. We can access all of their contact information, so that we can pitch to the correct people.

I’ve also learned how to create FedEx shipping labels for when we send out celebrity gift boxes or items to magazines using them in a shoot. One of my jobs next week will be organizing the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter lines for our children's clothing brand. Lucky for us, it is a relatively casual work environment where we can wear jeans and a clean blouse. The owner, Galit, is very outgoing and personable. I encouraged her to download Tweetdeck so she can schedule tweets. I have a feeling tweeting will become my duty. :)

I won’t be back until Monday, but I can already tell it is going to be a very educational summer!"

Now, I have to get to work!

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