Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The 'Licious Life Takes Los Angeles

Good afternoon, everyone and welcome to my life in Los Angeles, CA! It was a whirl-wind, 7-day drive across the country. Most people seem to have mixed reactions about the idea of a cross-country road trip. Most people say, "Oh that is so cool!" There is, of course, the portion who tilt their head quizzically and say, "That's a lot of time in the car." Either way you slice it, I got the same result. I got from point A (VT) to point B (CA) with minimal hassle, minimal spending, and maximum laughs.

Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA
I have been in LA an entire 5 days. I spent the first four days sitting and reading. I sat on the beach, in a chair, at a table, and in the grass. I finished Michaelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling and Eat, Pray, Love. I started the Hunger Games yesterday afternoon! (I'm 250 pages in and it is killing me that I am at work and NOT reading!)

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As you know from previous posts, I am spending my second summer in Los Angeles doing two internships. One is with Western International Securities and the other is with Ink PR Group. Today I began with Western International Securities. If you are a 'Licious Life regular, then you probably know that I spent last summer with Western. Conveniently, when I came into the office it was like I had just been on a sabbatical. I mean it. My computer log-in still existed and all my files are just as I left them. Even my post-it notes are still here!

It's kind of comforting to be back in the office. While it is work, it is nice to know I don't have an exam at the end of the week or a paper due Monday. I also have exciting news: There is another intern in the office!  I am so excited! Last summer, I was the only person in the office under the age of 25. This summer, there is an ASU student who is 20 years old like me! We both only really know family here, so it looks like I might have a beach buddy. #winning

I am hopeful that I will also make new friends at my second internship with Ink. I start that internship on Tuesday after Memorial Day ( I get to spend the weekend in Palm Desert with my Mom and Dad, Mima and Papa, and my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins! I see mani-pedis in my future!). That being said, it is going to be a busy summer and I can't wait to see what opportunities it brings me!

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