Thursday, May 3, 2012

DEV at @HigherGround + @smcathletics Block M Dinner

Hello again! How are you doing?

It's the home stretch into summer and on Tuesday night to celebrate the end of classes, I went to concert at Higher Ground with Sarah, Fleur, and Hilary. DEV, the artist who performs "Bass Down Low" and "In the Dark," performed at Higher Ground, a local concert venue about 10 minutes from campus.

I don't really like to stereotype, but the group I went to the concert with embraced the "I just want to dance" attitude. Literally, we just wanted to go jump around and be silly. We had a great time and DEV was really good live. Enjoy the compiled video clips in this post!

The next day, I had my drawing portfolio due and the Block M Athletic dinner to attend. Basically, all the varsity athletes get dressed up and get together in Ross Sports Center for dinner. Outstanding athletes and seniors are recognized for their contributions to the school. We also watch slide shows of all the athletes. Everyone gets a photo shown. I never seem to have a good photo in the slideshow.... ever....

Anyways, the ski team was looking mighty fine. I really think we looked the best of any team. The guys had suits on and everything. Check us out below!

The Ladies! I'm on the far right. I'm the rebel wearing pants.

Men's team looking fresh!

The team and the coaches!

Today, I had the final Acabellas concert of the year and said "goodbye" to our seniors. :( So sad. We performed in the ones and it was a fun, new place to perform. Now, I'm headed to Sloane for dinner. I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoy your weekend! xo


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