Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cross Country Road Trip - VT to DC

Hi Everyone!

Vietnam War Memorial
As you may know, I am driving cross-country with my friend, Hilary. I'm currently in the car on the second leg of our trip from DC to Nashville. Since we are on a stretch of 375 miles on I-81 South and Hilary took over driving, I figured I have time for a blog post.

We left VT 2 days ago (Friday) and drove 9 hours to Maryland where we stayed with some family friends. On Saturday, we ventures into DC. I've never been before and I loved it! It's really amazing and the weather was gorgeous!

I have been taking video on a flipcam this entire trip so I have started editing. The DC video is finished, but I'm not done with the "Part One" video. You can watch the DC video here:

As for now, I'm playing co-pilot, so I need to pay attention! Please ask my questions at! I've got time! Enjoy the photos too!


Hilary and I at the Lincoln Memorial
With the Washington Monument

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