Monday, April 16, 2012

All About Budget Allocations with the @SMCvt_SA

You may have heard that if SMC doesn't have your club, then you can create it. It's true. For example, my friend wanted an all-female aCapella group and so she created one my freshman year. My sophomore year, the group applied for "club status," which entailed a presentation to the Student Association at one of their weekly meetings and, of course, an impromptu concert. Thus, the Acabellas were born.

Now, every year following the groups elevation to a club, we have to report to budget allocation meetings. This essentially means that three of us (This year, it was Mallory, Becky, and I! Go Alto 2s) met with the Secretary of Finance, the Vice President, and a few other folks I assume to be on the committee.

Some groups just "wing it" as far as the budget meeting. There isn't a real plan. My friend Kerri attended the meeting for the Philosophy Club and they were asking for the same budget as last year, therefore she didn't really have to propose anything.

The 'Bellas, however, were proposing a budget increase of $250. Being me, I needed a plan... an outline... anything that made me feel a little more prepared for a meeting I had never been to and determined how much money the group would have next year. Here was the proposal:

Acabellas Budget Proposal 2012-2013
$300 – Food for Concerts
            - Each semester, we do an end-of-the-semester concert. This would allow us to order/ make $150 dollars worth of food for each of those concerts

$350 – T-shirts/CDs
            - We’d like to create customized CDs and t-shirts to sell to SMC and the surrounding community. Following our first Church St performance earlier this semester, we had requests to purchase CDs so we feel there is a market for Acabellas “swag.”

$100 – Music Arrangements
            - Our primary purpose is singing and we will want to purchase arrangements from outside sources.

Total: $750

Additional Funds:

Travel to “Acapella Paloozas”
            - During the year, we hope to request additional funds to cover travel fees. We were invited to other colleges this year to perform but we unable make the dates work. However, we hope to make this work next year. 

The meeting ended up being no more than 5 minutes. As a well-represented club on campus, we had little trouble getting our budget increased. We will be getting our official number on Tuesday, but for now I am confident that we will have funds to have food at our concerts and custom CDs! :-D

My advice: Don't be freaked out by budget allocations. SMC is small enough that you'll probably know a few people sitting at the table and they are all very friendly! 

Have a great monday!

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