Monday, April 23, 2012

All About Accepted Student Day

This weekend was certainly Founders-filled including Accepted Student Day and a CVC bus tour which introduces College Counselors to the SMC campus. Below is a slideshow of photos I took at the ASD event.

Being a Founder's member means getting to me students before they get to St. Mike's. It means that you can be a resource to students who are in the position you were in only a few years, maybe even months, ago. For me, it's rewarding. I went through much of the college search process alone, so I like to be helpful to those who might be in a similar situation.

The reason for the photos is a) my photojournalism class and b) it is just fun to do. I like to take photos and I figure my photos can fulfill multiple purposes.

The purpose in this post is to tell you about what goes on at Accepted Student Days. First, you arrive and register. There is time to mill around and chat with Admissions counselors and current students. Then, we send families out on tours with some of our amazing tour guides.

When everyone returns from their tours, they come into the Ross Sports Center for speeches from current students to get a feel for their experiences. These are followed by the Academic Fair and lunch. Families are split into two groups, one for lunch and one for the fair, which are later switched. The fair is an opportunity for families to meet with professors from the various departments as well as leaders from residential life, Fire and Rescue, the Student Association, and the Wilderness program.

Lastly, parents and students part ways for a few hours. There are two panels and one is strictly for accepted students and current students. It is a Q and A session without parents and admissions staff which allows students to ask us questions about life at SMC which they may have been to embarrassed to ask with the "adult" presence.

For those who can make the trip, I think Accepted Student Days are hugely beneficial especially if students are torn about their decision. You can get a sense of the school and who will be in your future class.

That's my two cents and a few photos. Hope you are having a good Monday!

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