Monday, March 12, 2012

Did You Know? - For Ski/Snowboard Enthusiasts

Did you know that Smuggler's Notch and Stowe are connected?

Yup. It's true. Of course, you need a pass to both locations, but you can do it. (As a SMC student, we pay $30 for the Smuggs pass. As a college student, you can get a Stowe pass for $395 before November 1st.) Today was my first time. We (We being me and my coach, Molly) were going to train GS, but decided that because it is just the two of us and the weather was unbelievably sunny and warm that we would free ski. We then decided that Smugg's was too crowded. (Apparently it is Canadian Spring Break?)

Luckily we had our Stowe passes in our back packs so we made the trip over. Here is how to get there:

1) Take Sterling lift up.
2) Hike up the the right side of the chairlift's end. You'll see hike marks.
3) Ski down to "the Pond," which should be frozen over and cross.
4) You should follow a trail (You'll see the tracks) all the way to Stowe. You'll end up on Spruce side near Sensation quad.

Of course, once you are there you can shred the Mansfield and Spruce sides. Molly and I took Over Easy to the Mansfield side and made a few runs on the quad there before heading to watch the second run of the men's Nor-Am on Main Street.

Once you have had your fill, you'll need to get back. (This is assuming that you have parked at Smuggs.)

1) Take Sensation quad and go to the left of the ski patrol shack. Once again, you should see hike marks.
2) Don't hike too far. You'll see tracks that cut right and tracks that continue up a hill that no one really wants to hike. Cut right.
3) This will take you down a narrow, somewhat windy trail. Don't follow people too closely just in case they come to a sudden stop.
4) After a few minutes, you'll see tracks start to cut into the tree. Time to do some tree skiing down to the Notch Rd. (Notch Rd. is closed in the winter, so you can ski it to the main road and cut over to the Smugg's parking lot.

When in doubt, follow the tracks! Overall, it wasn't that hard to find our way there and back. Luckily, Molly had done it once before. My recommendation is: If you have both passes, ski both. It is totally doable and relatively easy. I'd just always use the buddy system for safety.

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