Monday, March 26, 2012

Day In The Life - A Photojournalism Assignment

Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday! Can you believe it is already the end of March? It's pretty insane and busy for me. This week in photojournalism, my professor paired the class off for an assignment called "Day In The Life." Our task was to photograph our partner over the course of a day and come up with a photo story. Luckily, my partner is Marlee, who is a friend of mine. While it can be a little awkward for photographer and subject to just walk around campus and Burlington with the camera going, it is something I got over relatively easy. The camera almost acts as a barrier and I try to immerse myself in getting the shot I want. The awkwardness is worth it.

The challenge with this assignment was finding events that were interesting to photograph. Marlee was celebrating her 20th birthday during the time we had for shooting, so I had a pre-planned story including the party planning and party. Below are the photos I have chosen to show the days events. Along with the caption, I will try and give you insight into why I like each photo. Here we go!

   My first image (not my lead image) is Marlee in her Global Communications class. While this isn't the most interesting photo, I thought it was important to portray that she was a student. I had problems with exposure and facial expressions in my other photos. Sometimes you take what you can get.

Marlee Brown talks with Melissa Brown
 before the start of their Global Communications class
 in St. Edmund's Hall at St. Michael's College.
This next photo is from Church Street. I had an overall photo from across the street, but I didn't want use the overall here because a overall in the cupcake shop later on. I had to lighten this photo in Photoshop because of the shading from the umbrella. I do like the perspective on it. I like seeing that she is eating with someone as well as the hustle and bustle of Church St.

Marlee shares lunch at Bruegger's Bagels
 in downtown Burlington with
Samantha Martell, a senior at Saint Michael's College.
Marlee spent several hours downtown
on March 23, 2012, prepping for her birthday party.

 This is one of my favorite photos from the set. One of our previous assignments was "Human Interaction." I think this is a great example. I didn't have to do much editing on this photo which was convenient. I did crop some of the side off the photo to focus more on the girls.

Marlee Brown and Carley Nolan of Long Island, NY
enjoy the beautiful weather on Church Street
in Burlington, VT last Friday.
 Marlee purchased a new dress for her birthday party.
Carley describes her
as "easy going, hardworking, and an independent person."

As I said earlier, I wanted to use the overall shot of the cupcake shop in Burlington. This store is called My Little Cupcake and is located just off Church St near the North Face store and the Roxy theater. I had trouble with lighting in the shop at first. I was also denied "behind the counter" access. I really wanted to shoot through the glass. However, I thought this photo best shows what was going on.

Marlee Brown, Amy Wilson, and Carley Nolan decide
 on the flavors for the 19 mini cupcakes they purchased
from My Little Cupcake in Burlington, VT.
The birthday girls, Marlee and Amy, also purchased
 two big cupcakes which would hold
their birthday candles later in the evening.
For this assignment, I did want to use a People without People photo. The game seemed to be a perfect opportunity. The game itself isn't all that exciting, but I think the photo tells you something about what was going on. You know multiple people are playing and I think it tells you something about Marlee and her friends.

During the barbeque portion of Marlee's birthday celebration, the women of Linnehan Hall sat down to a riveting game of Scattegories.
This photo is my absolute favorite photo from the day. It is also my lead photo. The lead photo is the photo you choose to lead the audience into a story and doesn't need to necessarily be the first image. I like the angle, the color, and the honest emotion. I think it captures the frivolity of the night. 

While Amanda Sanderson lights the candles,
Marlee Brown enjoys a laugh before blowing them out
 with fellow brithday girl,Amy Wilson.
Earlier in the day, Amy had to perform an emergency repair
on Marlee's chocolate cupcake which had lost its frosting
during transport from My Little Cupcake to Linnehan Hall.
Amy Wilson said, "Our party was so fun!
I think that was the closest Linnehan
has ever come to being a frat house.
I love hanging out with Marlee all the time
 and I'm glad we got to celebrate together
 since next year we will both be abroad."
 So there you go. That's a "Day In the Life of Marlee: Celebrating 2 Decades." Considering how many concerns I had going into the project, I am very happy with the final project. Now, I really need to get some Global Communiations done. Phase #2 of my French media project is due Thursday and I am soooo behind. Talk with you soon!


Monday, March 19, 2012

End of Ski Season and Start of Talent Show Season

Today was my final race of the ski season in Waterville Valley, NH. There were giant dirt patches outside of the course and I didn't finish. However, I am happy with my season. While my FIS points are not at their lowest, I had some of my best results to date. I felt like it was a very successful ski season and I am now very ready to bust out the next 6 weeks of classes.

For me, the end of ski season brings relief and more frivolous activities including the MLK Society's Annual Talent Show. I have performed every year and I hope to make this year 3! My freshman year I performed Taylor Swift's "White Horse" and last year I sang "Give Me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman. As per usual, I can't decide what I want to sing exactly. I love "Body and Soul" by Ella Fitzgerald and "You and I" by Lady Gaga. I'm also partial to "All for Love" by Serena Ryder and "Twisted" by Carrie Underwood. There is a list of 30 more sitting in my head. I'll probably make a decision 30 seconds before my audition.

The talent show is a place for everyone to come out and strut their stuff. We have a stand up comedian, several singers, a few dancers, and my freshman year someone played the didgeridoo. If you have a talent, audition! We pack the house the night of the performance and for me, it's a total rush to be on stage. I love it!

I just got an email about participating in performance with a small group as the female participant like Fergie or Nicki Minaj. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to meet and see if the chemistry is good! I've never performed in a group like that and I'd really love to.

In other news, my little sister is visiting and I have spent the entire week she has been here convincing her to come to St. Mike's. She is also a skier and I hope that she comes and shreds as a Purple Knight. She would be Class of 2017, which mean 8 consecutive years of Hall at SMC. Who is excited? Haha. I hope the ski coaches are prepared. :)

Alright, I'm headed to bed. I have my first post-Spring Break classes tomorrow. Gah!! Have questions? Ask me here!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Did You Know? - For Ski/Snowboard Enthusiasts

Did you know that Smuggler's Notch and Stowe are connected?

Yup. It's true. Of course, you need a pass to both locations, but you can do it. (As a SMC student, we pay $30 for the Smuggs pass. As a college student, you can get a Stowe pass for $395 before November 1st.) Today was my first time. We (We being me and my coach, Molly) were going to train GS, but decided that because it is just the two of us and the weather was unbelievably sunny and warm that we would free ski. We then decided that Smugg's was too crowded. (Apparently it is Canadian Spring Break?)

Luckily we had our Stowe passes in our back packs so we made the trip over. Here is how to get there:

1) Take Sterling lift up.
2) Hike up the the right side of the chairlift's end. You'll see hike marks.
3) Ski down to "the Pond," which should be frozen over and cross.
4) You should follow a trail (You'll see the tracks) all the way to Stowe. You'll end up on Spruce side near Sensation quad.

Of course, once you are there you can shred the Mansfield and Spruce sides. Molly and I took Over Easy to the Mansfield side and made a few runs on the quad there before heading to watch the second run of the men's Nor-Am on Main Street.

Once you have had your fill, you'll need to get back. (This is assuming that you have parked at Smuggs.)

1) Take Sensation quad and go to the left of the ski patrol shack. Once again, you should see hike marks.
2) Don't hike too far. You'll see tracks that cut right and tracks that continue up a hill that no one really wants to hike. Cut right.
3) This will take you down a narrow, somewhat windy trail. Don't follow people too closely just in case they come to a sudden stop.
4) After a few minutes, you'll see tracks start to cut into the tree. Time to do some tree skiing down to the Notch Rd. (Notch Rd. is closed in the winter, so you can ski it to the main road and cut over to the Smugg's parking lot.

When in doubt, follow the tracks! Overall, it wasn't that hard to find our way there and back. Luckily, Molly had done it once before. My recommendation is: If you have both passes, ski both. It is totally doable and relatively easy. I'd just always use the buddy system for safety.

Have questions? Ask me here.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Drawing 1 - Who Knew I Could Actually Draw a Face?

Bérénice Bejo of "The Artist"
As you know, I am taking Drawing 1: Portraits. What you may not know is that I am NOT an artist. I have literally never been able to make a person look realistic.

Until now, of course.

This week's assignment is to draw three faces at different angles. We have the flexibility to use whatever medium we like. I used ebony pencil and charcoal for this one. The clippings I am drawing are from Vanity Fair. I particularly like the retro feel of the photos.

The homework assignment is relatively flexible as to how you place the faces as well as their sizes. I prefer larger scale profiles because so I am doing three faces over three sheets of paper.

Kerstin Dunst
As you can see, they are currently floating heads. I will have to find a way to connect the three piece. I am thinking of putting clouds beneath the necks and connecting the backgrounds doing different times of day on each piece. Like I said, I'm still up in the air, but I like the concept. I guess I'll make the call when the third face is done.

I'm glad to finally be drawing faces. We spent a lot of time drawing weird collections of items including eggs with tons of lighting to work on a shading. It was really tedious and often frustrating. However, now that we are in the thick of it, I can see when it was useful to the exercises before moving to more complete pieces.

Now, I'm going to start my third face. If I love the final product, I'll share it.


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