Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photojournalism - Top Pictures from "Breaking the Ice"

Kelly - Saint Lawrence University

This week for photojournalism, my assignment was "Breaking the Ice": Take at least 3 photos of 8 people you don't know. Take them from the shoulders up. They can not be on the SMC campus. Since I was in New Hampshire, it seemed appropriate to capture people at the carnival. 

To the right is Kelly, a freshman at Saint Lawrence University. This photo was a favorite from the class because of the honest emotion. She was having a conversation with a team mate when I took the shot.

Mansfield - Sibling of Racer

This shot was posed at the bottom of the hill. This was Kerstin Middleton's, sophomore at SMC, brother, Mansfield. I like this photo because of the way his face is off center and the genuine smile. I don't think you get a great sense of location like you do in my next photo, but this was also a favorite with the class.

Elle - Stratton
Meet Elle. This shot was particularly popular with the class because of the color and composition of the photo. She is in focus, but you get a sense of location from the chairlift in the background. I also like how her body is angled away from the camera.

Next week, we have to capture honest emotion! Wish me luck!


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