Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Best of the Best - Sports Action Photos

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I can't believe it is February 28th. It's insane. This semester is flying by. Collegiate ski season in over and I did not qualify for NCAA Nationals :( I ended the season on a positive note, but it wasn't the finish I needed to qualify. Luckily, I have next year, so I just need to move forward and keep training hard.

Moving on....

I wanted to show you some of my favorite sports action photos from the semester. This week's assignment in my photojournalism is Sports Action. To be honest, I had my photo weeks ago, but I continued to shoot at races because I use them on the SMC Ski Team Facebook page and Twitter.

Jonathan Norbotten of Norway takes a break from the World Cup circuit to compete in the slalom race of the University of new Hampshire Carnival in late January 2012. Norbotten attends University of Vermont when he isn't competing.

Parker Spear from Plymouth State University knifes a turn over Waterfall, the steepest pitch on Main Street, a run at Stowe Mountain Resort. Spear moved from 44th position to 15th position in the slalom race on February 4, 2012.

Heidi Robbins, a Saint Michael's College graduate student, embraces teammate Ashley Langlands after their final collegiate race run at the Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association Championship at Middlebury Ski Bowl on February 25, 2012.

Taylor Wunsch of UVM shreds the first break over in the Giant Slalom race of the Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Assocation Championships, hosted by Middlebury College, on February 25, 2012.

Oh, that's me at the bottom of the GS course. One of the mom's snapped a photo of me since I am never in them.

Taylor Vest Burton of UNH takes a tight line in the Giant Slalom race of the Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Assocation Championships, hosted by Middlebury College. Vest-Burton ripped through the panel, but went on to finish the run.
As you may have noticed, I am still figuring out Photoshop and the best adjustments to make to images as far as exposure, cropping, and shadows. I'll get their though. Just takes practice! I continue to race this week at Stowe Mountain Resort in a Giant Slalom. I hope you are all having a great week and I will talk with you soon.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Order Eggs In Alliot

Trying new things can be intimidating and no one wants to make rookie mistakes. When I went to New Zealand, I googled "how to order drinks at a bar," so that when I went out in Queenstown and wouldn't seem like a total newbie. While Alliot isn't a bar in a foreign country, it will be new and I hope this post will help ensure you get a filling and nutritional breakfast.

It is your first day eating Alliot breakfast. You walk to the back left corner of the food circle and approach the grill. Lucky for you, there is no line, so you walk directly to the counter, which is located next to the soft serve machine. Now, we have reached a critical moment in your morning. What will you order?

Never fear. I'm hear to break down the secret language of Alliot eggs, so that you can order like an upperclassman. Let's start with a list of essential terms:

  • Scrambled - basic scrambled eggs
  • Hard - Over easy egg
  • White - Egg whites
  • Cheese - Generally speaking, shredded cheese goes on scrambled eggs, while cheese slices go on orders of hard eggs. Slices are also served on whites.
Now you have the basics. So here is how you order:

Situation #1 - You want scrambled eggs with cheese. Easy enough. You can say "Scrambled with, please." (We use manners here!)

Situation #2 - You want over easy with cheese. You say "1 hard with." Want more eggs? Just increase the number. My usual order is "3 hard with." (I've also started ordering two whites, one with.)

Situation #3 - There is a long line of people who have ordered in front of you and they have ALL ordered 2 hard with cheese, which is exactly the same as yours. How will you know your order in line? Don't freak. Order "2 hard with shredded" to mix it up. If you are passionate about sliced cheese, go for "two hard, one with." This makes your order easy to find in a sea of scrambled eggs.

Essentially, we just use short hand and if you order eggs regularly the chefs start to memorize your order which can be wicked convenient.

Ordering eggs in Alliot isn't a particularly challenging ordeal, but I can tell you that during my first week at school I was too intimidated by the grill to order eggs. Don't ask me why. I'm a weird one. I just ate cereal.

There are some common courtesies to notice when you are at the grill. The ordering line generally runs from the counter along the row of soft serve, ice cream, and coffee machines, while the people waiting for their food awkwardly stand around the cream cheese/jelly/butter/ketchup island. If for some reason their is a random mass of people near the grill, simply inquire about who has ordered and who is waiting. I have found that strangers at St. Mike's don't bite. Also, be conscience of who orders ahead of you. It really isn't fun to start your morning by having your eggs swiped. No, I'm not kidding.

Have questions about navigating Alliot? Ask me here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UVM Winter Carnival 2012

Good evening!

This past weekend was the UVM Winter Carnival at Stowe (see photos below). It is fun for a number of reasons including:

  • Many of the parents get to attend the event. This mean a lot of SMC support in the form of cheering and food.
  • This is sort of like our home hill since we train their twice a week.
  • The sun was shining 80% of the time. Who doesn't love that?
  • I had my best collegiate finish EVER! I placed 11th in the Giant Slalom which bumps me up in the rankings/start list/nationals qualifiers list. It was very exciting and I hope to continue into this weekend at Dartmouth.
Once again, I played paparazzi. The team can be annoyed with me all day long because I love many of the photos I am taking and some of them got new Facebook profile pictures out of the whole thing. Most the time they don't even have to smile because I am taking candids. The following photos are the UVM Winter Carnival in photos.

Here is second roll on the Stowe GS Hill on Day 1. As you can see, we were working with sunny skies and great snow!

This is Kelsey Redden during her first run. I was bummed that I didn't capture her face in this shot. On the other hand, it shows how on-edge and close to the panel she is. 

The next day was slalom. Ashley Langlands, who did not race this carnival, fore ran the men's race under snowy skies, rocking her pink helmet as always.

For second run, we saw warm temperatures and a beaming sun. Hear are Kelly and Mrs. Middelton viewing a second run start list at the bottom of the race hill.

Timothy Spangler, made a huge jump on the first run of the slalom. This photo was taken over Waterfall about 2 gates before he skied out of the course on second run. Despite that, our men had a great day, finishing 4th in the rankings.

Featured here are our top 3 men: JD Levine, left, Carl Oscar Green Bredengen, middle, and Fredrik Sandell, right. All three of them place in the top 20, which was very exciting!

Now we are back in the school week and I am supposed to have the countries of the world memorized by tomorrow at 1:10 pm...... #ridingthestrugglebus. I feel seriously behind on this one. Life will go on, however.

Also, I am sitting in my PJs in my bed and I have a meeting with my boss in an hour, so I will talk to you all later! If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me by email: ghall@mail.smcvt.edu or anonymously: www.formspring.me/


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photojournalism - Top Pictures from "Breaking the Ice"

Kelly - Saint Lawrence University

This week for photojournalism, my assignment was "Breaking the Ice": Take at least 3 photos of 8 people you don't know. Take them from the shoulders up. They can not be on the SMC campus. Since I was in New Hampshire, it seemed appropriate to capture people at the carnival. 

To the right is Kelly, a freshman at Saint Lawrence University. This photo was a favorite from the class because of the honest emotion. She was having a conversation with a team mate when I took the shot.

Mansfield - Sibling of Racer

This shot was posed at the bottom of the hill. This was Kerstin Middleton's, sophomore at SMC, brother, Mansfield. I like this photo because of the way his face is off center and the genuine smile. I don't think you get a great sense of location like you do in my next photo, but this was also a favorite with the class.

Elle - Stratton
Meet Elle. This shot was particularly popular with the class because of the color and composition of the photo. She is in focus, but you get a sense of location from the chairlift in the background. I also like how her body is angled away from the camera.

Next week, we have to capture honest emotion! Wish me luck!


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