Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 2: UNH Carnival and My New Obsession

Good morning!

First, I want to apologize for the slowed number of posts recently on my blog. Due to taking on 16 credits, a full training and racing schedule, and Acabellas, finding time to blog every few days is rather challenging. I'll be able to fix that in a few weeks when racing season dies down, but for now you'll have to settle for my weekly updates!

Second, I want to tell you about me new obsession: the Canon EOS 40D camera that the school is letting me use for my semester in photojournalism. Obviously, I took a ton of photos this weekend at the UNH Carnival, so I will tell the story in photos.

The weekend started with snow and rain for the Giant Slalom at Attitash. Because of the dangerous conditions they cancelled the race. Instead we (most of the girls and guys) went shopping at the outlet stores in North Conway. I purchased new leopard print flats from GAP for $5 and a new Under Armour Cold Weather top for $18.  While they didn't get the race off, it as a pretty successful day.

JD, Kerstin, Bill, Ashley, and Kevin

Later that night, Kerstin Middeton '14 and her family invited us over for dinner at the their condo. We spent a good portion of time sitting around the living room and kitchen chatting about everything from classes to skiing to life. (Yes, we are very profound.)We ate lasagna, garlic bread (yummmm), caesar salad, meatballs, and broccoli.

It is always great to have the team together in a non-competitive setting. Sometimes it can be hard to relax when all you are thinking about is the race the next day. Here at dinner we were able to hang out and relax. I was free to play "Paparazzi," which has become a new nickname.
Freddo, Me, Heidi, and Carl w/ the Animals

After dinner at the Middletons, we had a team meeting at the hotel where Gus (head coach) started a new tradition. Each week, the male and female that "lead the pack" in the previous carnival will take possession of the Bull (male) or Cow (female). The two hard-chargers from the past carnival hang  on to a stallion. They animals change hands weekly. I am currently in possession of the Cow.
Fredrik Sandell '15 leads the charge

The next day was slalom and admittedly a bit of a struggle fest..... I was the only woman from SMC to finish. The men's side was better, but we suffered a straddle and some didn't get a second run. To get the full details about Alpine and Nordic results, check out the press release:
It is really unfortunate when a complete team doesn't finish because you get zero points towards the team score for that section. Example: We didn't get any women's Alpine points towards the team score because 3 women didn't finish.

On Sunday, there was an Eastern Cup at Cranmore in NH for both and women. I stayed behind from the rest of the women's team and raced it with a few of the guys. In an attempt to get homework done while skiing, I finished my "Breaking the Ice" assignment for photojournalism. I had to photograph 8 strangers (with their permission) and they couldn't be on the SMC campus. To the left is a photo of Elle, who races for a ski academy in Southern Vermont. I met her on the chairlift and she graciously agreed to model for me. I really like this photo because of the color, but also because of the way the background is out of focus. You can still see that it's a chairlift, but the focus is on her.

I was very thankful that everyone I talked to was very obliging. I got photos of a few Masters racers, and a few college racers as well as a sibling who was spectating. It helped that I am integrated into the group and wearing a speed suit. We all know the struggle to balance ski racing and school, so people were very friendly and nice.

Now I'd like to wish you a happy Monday and fabulous week! I need to bust out some homework before training at Stowe this afternoon. As a side note: The UVM Carnival is this weekend at Stowe Mountain Resort! If you are in the area, stop by and cheer on your Purple Knights!

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