Friday, January 6, 2012

Tips for a Skype Interview

As I prepare for summer internship application season, I have start thinking about interviews. Tomorrow I am interviewing with Ink Public Relations, a PR firm in West Hollywood. Due to the distance, we will be doing a Skype interview. I have never done one before, so I reached out to my tweeps for some advice!

I posed a question on Twitter yesterday:

"I have a Skype interview for a summer internship tomorrow. Any advice on what to wear/where to sit/ect? #interntips"

@fitisnewblack -  A blouse and skirt. No matter what, what sure your makeup and hair looks good! That's what stands out on Skype.

@msteverb -  Ask a good friend to Skype 2night for practice-ask you Qs, etc. Have them watch for facial expressions, listen to tone #goodluck

@JasMollica - Dress as you would for typical in office interview. Try a neutral background, have your resume in front of you for reference.

@MatthewKnell - Don't over think it. Be yourself.

Obviously, a big "thank you" to all of them. I really appreciate the advice as a tackle this interview! I hope that the advice can also help you in your summer internship (or any interview) search. Have questions for me? Ask on Formspring. I promise to follow up with how the interview goes and I'm sure you (those who are regular readers) will get all the details on my internship search in future posts!


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