Thursday, December 15, 2011

SMC Tradition: The Alliot Cup Drop

This the second of many SMC Traditions (or quirks, if you prefer.) If you missed the first, read SMC Tradition: The Alliot Crush.

The Alliot Cup Drop is a phenomenon that starts when a plastic Alliot cup drops to floor, piercing the ears of all the diners. (Alliot Hall is where the Green Mountain Dining Hall is located. Students simply refer to the dining hall as Alliot. Pronounced: Al - ee - oh) The important part comes next. Someone else must intentionally drop their cup next and start the chain. Now, these things can go either. Sometimes there will be 5 cups and then it will fizzle out. Sometimes they are truely epic. The best ones are generally during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

According to the "Alliot Cup Drop Makes Me Smile" group on Facebook, the rules of an official cup drop are as follows:

1. One cannot pick up their cup just to drop it again.
2. It needs to be accidental.
3. Make sure cup is empty for best performance.
4. Dishes do not count as a cup drop.
5. It's called a cup drop for a reason. (NOT a cup throw)
6. Try and spread out frequency of cup drops rather than all at once. This will maintain a long cup drop.

The Alliot Cup Drop isn't rare, but a long and steady one is worth savoring. Don't be afraid to participate. Just remember to make sure your cup is empty! (A side effect of the cup drop is the sudden need to chug your full glass of juice, water, soda, ect.) Also, don't forget to retrieve your cup off the floor. Be respectful :)

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