Sunday, December 11, 2011

SMC Tradition: The Alliot Crush

We all have them. The cute guy you see as you walk to class everyday, but don't actually know. The girl who always has coffee and studies at the same table everyday. They are crushes.

Here at SMC, we take these crushes pretty seriously. The must-have crush at St. Mike's is the Alliot Crush. (Please enjoy David Archuleta singing "Crush" while you read this post. See video to the right.) You may be thinking "Now, that is just silly." Well, you will understand when you get here. Surprisingly enough, Alliot crushes end up together. My roommate, Maria, was her boyfriend's Alliot crush until he asked her out last year. (Oh, true love.)

The Alliot Crush is generally someone you see everyday at a meal because your schedules overlap. They generally have a weird name because you don't know their actual name. You will probably learn their name soon. (SMC is a small community.) However, you will continue to call them by their nickname because you have to speak in code. (Girls, am I right?)

I asked around via Twitter and Facebook to find out what students look for in an Alliot Crush? Sharon Rhodes, Class of '15, gave the best answer:

Someone who's tastier to look at than the Alliot food.
Alliot crushes are such a big deal here that there is a Formspring account dedicated to students professing their "love" anonymously. Here are some examples:

Anonymous: Don't know your name but I've seen you twice in Alliot with bright red Burton jacket and white ski pants. You've totally got that tall, dark, and handsome look going.

Anonymous: Tom Ward, the only thing sexier than your voice is you.
(Side note: Tom Ward in our resident British basketball player.)

Anonymous: To the guys who gave me their change in the Cashman laundry room, thank you for helping me free my skittles. :] It totally made my night to see people so kind!

This is one of many SMC traditions that I want to share with you. Who will your Alliot crush be?
Have questions for me? Ask me on VYou! (You can ask anonymously!)


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