Saturday, December 3, 2011

Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Christmas Party

Student Volunteers + Allison Sherman, Alumni Office
'Tis the season of final projects and holiday parties! I've decided not to focus this post on the stress of my week including extra AcaBellas rehearsals, Media Law group projects, and ski team workouts. Instead of stress, I am going to focus on the Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Christmas Party!

My Wreath
This event is put on by the Alumni Office with the assistance of Mike J, the Alumni Coordinator for the Founder's Society. This event wouldn't be possible without student volunteers, all of which were Founder's Society members.  Students were from all class years and surprisingly, there was a great mix of both genders. Usually there are more girls than guys.

Students were assigned different craft stations like face-painting, Santa pictures, and wreath making. The idea is that the students would man the stations assisting the kids of the alumni, faculty, and staff with the projects. As a coordinator, I moved from station to station assisting when I could and of course, taking pictures to tweet about the occasion. :)

The best part about the part was making decorations. Obviously, I am artistically gifted, so I made the wreath pictured to the right. Our common room was lacking in Christmas decorations, so I took it upon myself to make several decorations and ornaments to hang on our Angry Bird Tree. Now, our common room is much more Christmasy.

The christmas party was bumpin'!
For the kids, I am sure the highlight of the day was Santa's arrival. Santa listened to all the kids. Requests included cell phones and veterinarian kits. Guess whose kid was there? Traci Griffith, my Media Law professor. She totally rocks! I don't even think it is weird seeing professors outside of class any more. It's just my life. Also, Traci is just hysterical. Her son was wearing reindeer antlers, so when we looked for him, we would just look for antlers.

'Twas a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon and forget about all the things I have to do in the next week. Don't forget, we have the final KnightChat of the semester this Tuesday, Dec 6th from 7:30 pm to 9 pm!

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