Saturday, December 10, 2011

4 Reasons to be a Digital Arts and Media Studies Major

9 times out of 10 when I say I am a journalism major to a stranger, they say "Oh, there is no money in that." True. Journalists don't live a glamorous lifestyle unless, perhaps, you are host of Good Morning America. (I'm not giving up on that dream.) Here at SMC being a journalism major is about learning so much more that how to write a story in inverted pyramid.

In fact, when the academic system here switched from mixed credits to the 4x4 system, the name of the major changed to Digital Arts and Media Studies with the optional emphasis in journalism. When I tell people I am a Digital Arts and Media Studies major, I generally get more approving head nods. Plus, I believe it more accuratley describes the major which incorporates web design, the study of technology's influence on society, print writing, video editing, and photography, just to name a few. If that isn't enough to convince you to declare, here are 5 reasons to be a Digital Arts and Media Studies major:

1) Developed writing skills.

Writing skills are invaluable. I would argue that the ability to write concisely is equally as important. People don't have the attention span for long stories and speeches. In the MJD program, you learn to say the best ways to express a story in writing (or video).

2) More than just writing news stories.

Interested in photography? Take photojournalism. Interested in being an anchor? Take Acting for the Camera. Interested in designing websites and animations? Digital Arts 2 is for you! This major provides you with so many skills!

3) The professors.

Traci Griffith + Class
 Have you met Tarah? She came to Saint Mike's all the way from Switzerland after sitting in on a class with Traci Griffith. David Mindich is my advisor and my Media and American Politics professor. While sometimes I strongly dislike the professors for assigning all their projects at once, they have been so good to me over the past three years. They have worked my my ski schedule. They have answered all my questions. They have made the MJD experience really fulfilling.

4) The students.

As I sat in the lab yesterday, I ran into so many friends. I supposed when you all live half your college career in a building, you really have something to bond over. If you are sitting in one of Bergeron's two computer labs, you can look over your shoulder and ask for help with a program. Chances are someone knows how to do it. Of course, that generally starts a conversation about something else entirely. The point is that we are all in this together and we help each other. The friends I have made in this department are sometimes the only people who understand why I spend hours in a computer lab or talking to strangers for a story.

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