Sunday, November 20, 2011

Keeping Busy In College - Exams, Meetings, and My Movie Debut

I like to be busy. It makes me use my time well. I like having places to go and people to see. It certainly makes me appreciate my bed at the end of the day. This past week was on steroids. With only 3 weeks left in the semester, final projects are creeping up as well exams, final concerts, and end of semester meetings. The pre-Thanksgiving week is usually particularly busy.

Behold my planner (left). My week included Obscenity Day in my Media Law class, photos for Student Spotlight on the new SMC website (to be launched in late January), a trip to Williston, an arraignment, a Founder's Society meeting, a KnightChat (attend our last one of the semester on December 6th at 7:30 pm), and filming for the new SMC Admissions Housing video.

Yup, we look awesome!

 Due to the recent changes in the tour route--tour guides no longer show dorm rooms-- the Admissions office is creating a housing video that displays all the different housing available on campus. I was asked to be a host along with a freshman named Peyton (We will most certainly be receiving Oscar nominations). We did all of the filming on Friday, starting at 6:45 am outside the First-Year quad where the new Student Activities Center will be built. My only non-filming times were from 10 am to 12 pm when I was in class.  I am happy to say that the skills I learned in Acting for the Camera last semester came in handy.

The housing videos will feature first-year dorms, suites, and townhouses so that prospective students and parents can get a feel for residential life through the entire college experience. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on this video with Peyton and the SMC Admissions crew. Later that night, I joined the AcaBellas to sing the National Anthem at the Men's Basketball game in Ross Sports Center. The Acabellas are working  on a lot of new music for our semester-end concert on December 9th. Did I tell you I got the solo for King of Anything by Sara Bareilles? I am so excited about it :D! We are also learning Don't Speak by No Doubt and will hopefully learn a plethora of Christmas Carols!

As for my weekend, it was relatively relaxing. I have been writing a paper for Media Law as well as a profile for the New Yorker (The class, not the actual magazine... yet.). I have had lots of sleep which is obviously important. Now I am back the the grind until Thanksgiving break starts on Tuesday afternoon! Woot Woot! Have questions about SMC? Ask me here. Talk to you all soon!


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