Monday, October 3, 2011

Work Day with the Ski Team - Cochran's Ski Area

Happy October, Everyone!

Ian '14, JD '12, and Matt '14
Ashley '12, Kelsey '13, and Shannon '14

Hauling wood
Ski team workouts are in full-force now and Gus is doing a great job getting us all into shape. However, last Monday we took a break from the usual dry land to do a work day at Cochran's Ski Area. As you may know, we train at a few locations including Smuggler's Notch, Stowe, and Cochran's. We try to give back to those who are great to us and part of that was assisting in the clearing of brush (or whole trees) in order to create a new ski run!

Gus broke out his chain saw to cut up the wood and Jimmy Cochran (of the US Ski Team), along with other members of the Cochran family, started up the fires to burn the brush. Just consider the afternoon a mix between weight lifting and hiking, with some agility training mixed in as the team maneuvered around the brush.

The team worked for over 2 hours clearing off the top of the run and made some serious progress. They didn't leave the mountain until the sun was down. Just another day in the life of a skier, right?

We were excited, not only to assist with creating a new run, but at the prospect of getting to shred turns on it as soon as possible. We are all wondering: when will the snow fly?

Temperatures are starting to drop here in Vermont, so our fingers our crossed! We hope that you are enjoying that fall and remember to pray for snow!

- Gabbi

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