Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Study Tips for College

In the past few weeks, I have taken a meteorology exam and a media law exam, which means a lot of study time.

Some students prefer to settle down in the library to get ready for exams. I find the library somewhat distracting because I seem to run into everyone there. Classmates, suite mates, and athletes. Everyone in one place. Understandably, you can get a little distracted by conversations about weekend plans and upcoming events.

My preference is for my desk in my room. I have the space of my own room. I can study in my pajamas. I can listen to my music and I don't have friends walking by all the time. This leads me to my tips for effective studying.

1) Find your happy place. Whether you love the library, Eddie's Lounge, the Colchester Room, or your dorm room, find the place that allows you to focus in on your work. (See a virtual tour of the library to the right)

2) Make a playlist (or wear ear plugs). Don't pick your Friday night playlist to study to. You'll end up singing along and not studying at all. Don't pick your bedtime playlist either. Your chemistry book might actually put your sleep. Many people find that classical music or other music without words is the best way to go because there are no words to sing with. Not a music person? Ear plugs aren't  a bad idea. It helps you to focus in.

3) Acronyms. Now that you are settled in, its time to figure out how to memorize all those facts. This year, I have discovered the miracle of acronyms. Example: SECCA = Statutory, Equity, Common, Constitutional, Administrative (Types of Law) or maybe SPAMAMA = Self-Realization, Prefered Postion Balancing, Ad hoc, Mieklejonian, Access, Marketplace, and Absolutist (Theories on the First Amendment) These acronyms seem silly, but they really work.

4) Rewriting Your Notes. My Spanish teacher in 7th grade always said that writing things was the best way to learn them. I didn't particularly like this teacher and he said some pretty ridiculous things. Every time he said that, we laughed. I now know that this is true. I have found that going through my notes and rewriting/reorganizing them allows me to organize my thoughts in a nice flow. I can visualize the connections and better understand the material. It may seem tedious, but it works. It will also come in handy to have clean notes when it is time to study for the final.

Those are my latest studying recommendations. Have questions? Ask me on VYou. You can ask anonymously and I'll give a video response!


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