Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year At #smcvt

You might be thinking: "Gabbi, you have your seasons confused." To which I'd say "Nee" (Nee is No in Dutch. I can also count to twenty! A benefit of Ambassador housing.) Halloween is my favorite on-campus holiday.

Let me break it down.

Friday Afternoon

At 3 pm Friday, some members of the Alpine Ski Team - men and women - headed to Colchester Paintball for some well-deserved stress relief.

I hadn't been paintballing before so I had mixed feelings anxiety and excitement. I think that is justified. First, you are getting pelted with paint balls. (I have some great war wounds.) Second, guys can be wicked aggressive and I think skiers have more aggression than most.

We paid $35 for 500 paintballs and played until we ran out. It took us two hours to run out, which was the perfect amount of time. We played on several courses including Trees and the Village. Trees was hard because you are in a field of Christmas trees and to see you have to look at the base of the trees.

I would definitely go again. It's really close to campus and if you go with the right group it is really fun.

Saturday - Day Time

I woke up and drank a lot of coffee as per usual. I'm a zombie if I don't just start my day with coffee. After I had a Dark Magic from my Keurig, Fleur and I went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast sandwiches. Normally, I would go to 11 o'clock brunch in Alliot, but that would've meant waking up earlier to get dressed and look "normal" for my 12:30 pm tour.

This time of year is especially fun for tour guiding because people are really narrowing down their applications or some have already applied and already love St. Mike's! I was lucky because I had a tour that asked a lot of questions. After my tour, I was told that a family arrived and missed the tours that went out at 12:30, so I gave another tour. Single family tours are really nice because you can have a great conversation with the families and really get to know them. On this tour, I found that the student and I had a lot in common and therefore I felt like I could really recommend some fun classes for her.

Saturday - Night

The rule of thumb at SMC is: When it's dark, it is acceptable to be in costume. That's in reference to Halloweekend, of course. (Although, if you want to dress up every night, more power to you.)

Maria and I
Saturday night is the night of the Halloween dance, so its the night that people really go all out with their costumes. My roommate, Maria and I were Moulin Rouge dancers. We curled our hair which took 4 and half hours total with a half hour Wings Over break. Then, of course, we had to get in our corsets and do our make-up. It was a good thing the dance didn't start until 10 pm.

Yup, we matched and we looked awesome. I had some giant feathers in my hair, which Maria's boyfriend cut off in the photo. (Gosh darn it, Kyle)

My friends were a lot of different things this year:

Fleur - Nurse
Sarah - Masquerade
Kate - Vampire
Teresa - Pirate
Kyle - Lt. Dangle of Reno 911
Joe - Caveman

Of course, we all had a amazing time and this morning we are back in true form: college students. On my list today? Op-Ed revisions, a response for The New Yorker, and Media Law reading.

Questions? Ask away!


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