Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Losing the @SeventeenMag #Freshman15 Competition Was A Great Thing

I think I can guess what you are thinking.

1) Does the #Freshman15 have to do with weight gain?
2) What is the competition all about?
3) When is losing EVER good?


1) No, this contest had nothing to do with weight gain.
2) The @seventeenmag competition is a contest for incoming freshman college students to become bloggers for Seventeen Magazine. They are given the opportunity to blog about their college experience for a very large audience.
3) I believe that all things happen for a reason. In this case, not being chosen for the Top 15 was a great thing.

Let me explain. 

At the end of my senior year of high school, I discovered this contest to be a blogger for Seventeen Magazine. My first thought, "This could get my foot into the door of a major magazine." Generally speaking, I don't go into online contests or sweepstakes with high expectations. Like I said, I believe everything happens for a reason and so I just let things take their course. (That being said I believe that good will come to those who work for it. I don't think I am going to be famous by sitting on a couch with a bag of potato chips.)

In fact, by July of 2009 I had forgotten that I had even entered the contest. Yup, completely slipped my mind. I was in Hawaii with my family for the month and all I was concerned about was whether the surf would be good in the morning, if I would see a see turtle, and the progression of my tan. That's when I received an email that I had made the finals. As I recall, there were about 100 girls on the email list. Yes, there could have been multiple emails, but I figure that there must have been thousands of applicants. The assignment for Round 2? Create a video under 60 sec long telling us why you should be chosen.
Ah yes. That gem to the right is my audition video. Admittedly, I probably could have done it fully clothed, but like I said my only concern was my tan and I was in HAWAII. I don't think I expressed myself as eloquently as I could have, but I was going was 'raw honesty.' Documentary style. :)

Long story short: I lost. Or I didn't get picked. I had temporary "I should have won, I had the most views" moment. (I even shamelessly promoted my video on the SMC Class of 2013 page.) Then, the lovely @MalloryWood asked me if I want to be an SMC Blogger. While SMC Blogs isn't Seventeen Magazine, I saw it as my first opportunity to get involved at SMC. I was in.

This is my third year as an online ambassador and as you may now, I recently took on the role of Online Media and Communications coordinator for the Founder's Society, which means I manage the entire blogger program including faculty, clubs, and the other students. My experience with SMC Bloggers is what landed me a paid-summer internship in Los Angeles. (Blog post to come: Why Not Becoming @CharlieSheen's #tigerbloodintern was a fabulous thing!) The Freshman 15 experience, while I'm sure beneficial, probably wouldn't have turned into a job that I could hold onto for my college career or teach me the skills to better understand social media, marketing, and leadership. 

That's why losing @SeventeenMags Freshman 15 contest was a great thing!
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  1. Pff, they're really gonna regret not having you on their team - but you're right, I'm glad you're in charge of the social media/blogging team here ;)


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