Saturday, September 10, 2011

@SaraBareilles and @SugarlandMusic at the Champlain Valley Fair 2011

Every year, the Champlain Valley Fair brings in big names to perform. Recent acts include Justin Beiber, Bruno Mars, and Lady Antebellum. On Sunday night, Sara Bareilles and Sugarland rocked the stage after weather delays due to heavy rain, thunder and lightening.

Braving the elements
I was lucky enough to go because my friend, Jazz, had an extra ticket. We were center stage in the pit and despite that fact that my jeans were soggy and my feet were muddy, I had an AMAZING time. Both of the artists are just phenomenal live. In a world of Ke$has, (Admittedly, I listen to her music, but I don't think her 'singing' is anything to get excited about.) I love to listen to performance by people who can really belt it out. I love to go to a show and leave thinking, 'That was better than the CD.'

That is EXACTLY how Sara Bareilles and Sugarland left me. They also left me surprised. Sara's voice was more 'soul' than I would have imagined. I thought she'd be more 'chirpy.' As for Sugarland, I didn't expect them to be funny, but their stage presence was great. They were funny and moved around and kept the audience engaged. That's something the 'Bellas and I are working on in our performance.

 Don't believe me? Check out the clips below. They are from my iPhone, so don't get to excited about quality :) Enjoy nonetheless!


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