Thursday, September 15, 2011

The New Yorker

The New Yorker

Professor: Nat Lewis and Carrey Kaplan

Department: English

Official Course Description: All sections of EN 110 emphasize active engagement in reading and writing. With The New Yorker magazine as our central text, this section will study such literary forms as occasional, persuasive or descriptive exposition, poetry, short fiction, and criticism, with excursions into analysis of humorous writing, cartoons, contemporary culture and relationships between lay-out, format, advertising, and text.

My Added Fun Facts:

  1. This class does not have a syllabus and our text book is The New Yorker magazine to which we get a $15 subscription.
  2. This class is taught by both professors, so some days we meet in small groups and sometimes the two classes meet together.
  3. Kaplan and Lewis could be the funniest professors I have had at Saint Mikes. While the class is wildly entertaining, I also love the great discussions that arise from the reading. Did I mention that we literally just move the desks into a giant circle for class?
  4. This is a 100-level literary studies course and is a great option if long novels or poetry aren't you really your thing. I also think it is a great class for me as a journalism major.
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  1. Do you know how often the course is offered?

  2. I don't! It is a brand new course this year, but it is one of the courses that fulfills the Literary Studies requirement. Hopefully, it's offered at least once a year!

  3. I e-mailed Prof Lewis - it might not be offered again! :( You're one of the lucky ones! ;)


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