Thursday, September 8, 2011



Professor: William Karstens

Department: Physics

Official Course Description: This course explores the basic concepts of the physical sciences, which include physics, chemistry, Earth science, and astronomy. A major goal is to provide an understanding and appreciation of the physical phenomena occurring all around us, from our immediate daily lives to the far reaches of the universe. Emphasis is also given to how the physical sciences affect the individual, society, and the environment. This is a lab-oriented course in which students are encouraged to learn by doing.

My Added Fun Facts:

  1. This class takes place twice a week. Two hour long classes + a 2 hour lab.
  2. Karstens uses Tegrity, a system for recording classes and presentations. This enables us to look back on lectures to review.
  3. Karstens encourages collaboration in labs. We have 5 people to a table and we use each other as a resource.
  4. So far, Professor Karstens has done a great job explaining the material in a way that I can understand. Yes, it is just the beginning of the semester and the material will get harder, but for now, I feel on track.
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