Monday, September 19, 2011

Media Law and Ethics in the Digital Age

Media Law and Ethics in the Digital Age

Professor: Traci Griffith

Department: Digital Arts, Journalism, and Media Studies

Official Course Description: This course explores the political, historic and philosophical roots of the First Amendment. Particular emphasis is given to the legal and ethical problems of the new communications technologies; other topics include libel, privacy, obscenity, news gathering, copyright, and the free press/fair trial dilemma. The class also provides insights into how th legal process works and an understanding of the principles and philosophies that underlie the restraints on and privileges of the media. After analyzing what the law says journalists can do, the course moves into the ethical component of what the should do. Using basic philosophical theories, students analyze ethical dilemmas through the use of case studies. Using multimedia, guest speakers and current events the course considers media law and ethics and its impact of journalists' ability to fulfill the historic function of the press to inform the public.

My Added Fun Facts:

  1. Professor Griffith has worked as a journalist and went to law school at Notre Dame.
  2. Professor Griffith's class is very entertaining considering it is a law class. I find it fascinating and there is lively discussion through the hour and a half.
  3. One day of the semester is know as Obscenity Day. Every student is required to bring in something that is considered obscene to class and we have a whole day of craziness. Students who are uncomfortable can miss the class, however I won't be missing out on what I am sure will be a bizarre hour and a half.
  4. Professor Griffith has notoriously difficult exams. The kind of exam that seniors talk about to scare freshman journalism majors. I am very nervous for the class, but I do love the topic and I hope that will allow me to take in the information more easily.
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