Saturday, September 3, 2011

Media and American Politics

Everyone wonders 'Is this class interesting?' or 'What is the professor like?' Well, I am going to be writing a 4-part series about my classes this semester to give you a little insight.

Media and American Politics

Professor: David Mindich

Department: Digital Arts, Journalism, and Media Studies

Official Course Description: This course explores the confluence of media and politics in our democratic society. Students read political science and media studies texts, engage in class discussions, and take a field trip to New Hampshire to meet candidates (including "minor" ones), political science professors, journalists, and election workers. To put the modern political system in historical context, students will study the changing relationship of politicians and reporters from the founding of the republic until modern times. Students learn about and analyze how politicians work to get out their messages to the media world, how the media interpret (and misinterpret) these messages, and the students' place within this m�lange.<-- That is literally straight from the site. Obviously, a typo, but you get the point. 

My Added Fun Facts:
  1. This class is only taught every four years to coincide with the election.
  2. Part of the class is a trip to New Hampshire to meet candidates and watch a debate. We ride around a giant bus apparently.
  3. David Mindich is an awesome professor as are ALL the MJD professors. 
  4. The class is really a big discussion. Students are encouraged to push back and respectfully argue with one another. This is a big plus in my mind because it encourages free thinking instead of 'think what the professor thinks.'
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  1. I agree - all our media profs are awesome! ;)

  2. I'm in this class too! Love it so far! Can't wait for our trip to NH.


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