Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Basics of the New Facebook Profile

Good morning!

It seems that we are hearing about the new Facebook at every corner of the web. Some users, like myself, have been more anxious to experience these improvements and found a loop hole or two to go through. Now, I am going to share some thoughts on the new profiles with you in hopes that it will make your transition to the new (and I think, fantastic) Facebook profile.

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(Above) Meet the new header for your profile. On the left, you see your profile picture and basic info: job, education, 'lives in', and 'is from.' The most obvious change is the new 'Cover' photo which sits at the top of the profile behind your profile picture. With the new 'subscribe' option for profiles, I am curious to see if the cover will become a location for personal logos, making Facebook more of a personal branding tool. Replacing the "Photos of You" bar at the top of the profile are four boxes: Friends, Photos, Map, and Likes. All the way to the right is the TIMELINE, a year by year breakdown of Facebook activity. The timeline isn't limited to the lifetime of your account.

(Below) Facebook's new timeline will now take you back to when you were BORN. You can even add an adorable baby photo if you are so inclined.

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Now onto your wall...

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(Above) The new Facebook has taken on a Tumblr-esque layout. I realize that not ALL Tumblrs are collages. Mine isn't. However, I do see similarities in the calculated chaos of the new timeline. It's never a dull moment when you are scrolling the time line and old embarrassing photos are popping up in either column as you scroll back in time.

(Below) You may have noticed the somewhat new status bar in the upper left corner of the above image. I have zoomed in in the image below. Users have the usual status update options, photo posting and check-ins. However, Facebook may have just become more personal. Click on any of the blue icons and a scroll down menu appears, allowing you to add personal events like 'Got Married' or 'Add a Child.' I am curious whether users will really use these more 'official' life updates or if they will continue to use cliched quotes and music lyrics to talk about their lives.

There you have it. The BASICS of the new Facebook profiles. Like I said earlier, I am sold on it. I think it is a really awesome new look. Have more questions for me? Ask me here!


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